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8/25/2010 How to keep your hound happy in hot weather

Dog in hot weather

Keeping Your Dog Safe During The Summer

The summer season is an enjoyable time for all, but can be dangerous for dogs if the necessary precautions are not taken when the weather heats up. There are many simple ways to protect your best friend from the heat, even if you have little to no experience with dog obedience.


Proper grooming is a necessity for the comfort of your hound when dealing with the summer heat. Your dog trainer and veterinarians alike may recommend that you take your dog in for a trim when the weather gets warmer. For an accurate comparison, imagine wearing a full fur coat when it’s eighty degrees outside! As you can guess, having a heavy layer of fur can be incredibly cumbersome, and increase your pet’s risk of suffering from heatstroke. Since dogs are just as prone to sunburns as humans, it is not recommended that you shave him past one inch above the skin.


Another important factor to keep in mind when taking precautions in the heat is to ensure that fresh, clean water is available to your pet at all times when it is hot outside, as all dogs are prone to dehydration when their supply is too low. When he is outside, it is also vital that you provide your pet with a shady place to escape from the heat. Even with proper water supply, a dog can still become overheated when they are left out in the sun for a long period of time without a hiding place. If it is excessively hot, it is recommended that you keep your dog indoors.

Hot Paws

It is important, even during the summer, to regularly exercise your dog. However, you must keep in mind that the asphalt heats up under the rays of the sun, and your pooch’s sensitive paw pads can burn if they linger in one spot for too long. In order to prevent this from happening, it is recommended that you keep walks limited to early morning and evening hours, when the air is cooler. If you must walk your dog during the hottest hours of the day, make sure to shorten the length of time you spend walking so that your pal does not get overheated.

All of these tips will keep your hound happy & safe during the summer season. For more information on how to keep him healthy in the heat, consult your local veterinarian.

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