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Robert Cole, ABCDT

Dog Training - Minnetonka, Minnesota 55364

Profile: My mentality when starting my career in dog behavior training was simple and pure. The Dog Whisperer of MN's focus is on helping and saving families and the dogs in them no matter what. I am compassionate about our canine companions and always find a way to make your home the forever home for your dog. I will not give up on you and promise to be diligent in motivating you to teach your dog to become balanced and calm and become the loving and loyal pet he is underneath the negative behaviors.

I'm passionate about educating the current dog owner and the future one about how to achieve balance in any breed of dogs, for the greatly misunderstood pit bull breed or the popular Doodle breeds, for adult humans on responsible ownership and kids how to treat or approach a dog and hoping to imprint the importance of dog safety, while striving to make the world dog savvy and responsible.

As the local expert in aggressive dog behavior, I am dedicated to continually evolve my approach as I continue to gain more and more experience with every dog I rehabilitate. It is rewarding to know that I provide people a source of relief as my unique philosophy begins with an understanding that no dog is inherently bad or too far gone. My focus is on the people and empowering them by teaching them how to train and rehabilitate dogs by mastering their subtle conversation of body language and energy. Allowing open communication during key points of escalation, so you can disagree with negative reactions assertively and confidently. This effectively rebuilds the relationship with a solid foundation, built with trust and respect.

My niche in the dog world isn't about force or reward. It's about utilizing a dog's instinct to do what they do best, follow you to the end of the earth, lovingly, Loyal and selflessly.

My pit bull Cesar is my best friend. Always there, thick and thin. Lilly too.
Cesar is a pitbull and to me, my son.
This isn't just a career, this is a lifestyle.

Why The Dog Whisperer of MN? Since behavior issues come in many forms from small quirks to serious aggression; over the years have mastered a deep understanding behind social behavior and interactions which I describe as your dog's conversation. Some of these things can be generalized into different categories of behavior, which can be misleading. This is what makes, "The Dog Whisperer of MN", the very best choice for dog behavioral rehabilitation. Using my creative and unbiased approach, I will walk you, the owner through the process step by step and explain what the behavior is and exactly how it can be fixed then teaching you how to master and put into practice the techniques. I always show patience and teach owners how to correct a dog(s) behavior from an instinctual standpoint with focus on communication allowing your dog(s) and you to understand. I will help you fully understand what is going on as well as lighten the mood making through casual enjoyable conversation and relating dog behaviors to goofy human situations and examples you wouldn't think about, then realizing how related it is. You will not only be educated and very helpful, but you will have FUN too!

I have the experience to rehabilitate all dogs and the personal skills to teach any owner the art of dog psychology. A real dog behaviorist, real results, a real dog lover.

Before you spend 100's to 1000's on a person who will tell you your dog can't/won't change, join the hundreds of happy owners and their dogs by creating happy balance with your pack with me, Robert Cole, The Dog Whisperer of MN, by mastering my philosophy and learn to utilize the tools needed to build an effective and positive relationship with your dog.

Areas of Service: Mound, Spring Park, Navarre, Excelsior, Minnetonka Beach, Crystal Bay, Victoria, Saint Bonifacius, Rockford, Maple Plain, Young America, Long Lake, Wayzata, Waconia, Chanhassen, Loretto, Watertown, Chaska, Minnetonka, Delano

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