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Helping People... Help Animals 

It's Our Passion, Mission and Purpose!

At Animal Behavior College, we’re about helping animals first… business second.

We know it’s something you may not expect to hear from a highly recognized and successful postsecondary vocational school, but our commitment to help, protect and save animals is what we’re all about. It’s reflected in everything we’ve done to build our school and continue to do every day. We are a unique vocational school, specializing in animal career training programs.

Call us today and get started toward your rewarding animal career 800-795-3294
  • ABC Certified Pet Groomer (ABCPG)

    Do what you love. Enhance the life of the animals you touch. A well-groomed pet is a happy pet, and a happy pet makes a happy owner. Learn more...

  • ABC Certified Dog Trainer (ABCDT)

    Be your own boss! Learn to strengthen the human-animal bond through positive-based, dog training techniques. Educate yourself today – save lives tomorrow. Learn more...

  • ABC Certified Cat Trainer (ABCCT)

    Help keep cats with their families in this revolutionary and rewarding program. Learn how to train cats and address unwanted behavior issues. Learn more...

  • ABC Certified Veterinary Assistant (ABCVA)

    Help care for sick and injured animals. Experience the satisfaction of helping animals recover to full health while bringing comfort to their owners. Learn more...

  • ABC Certified Aquarium Maintenance Professional (ABCAMP)

    Turn your passion for fishkeeping and marine habitats into an enjoyable occupation. Believe in yourself and don’t be afraid to chase your dream career. Learn more...

Our goal is to provide a quality education and assure that every student graduates with a strong academic and practical foundation directly reflecting ABC’s mission to help animals. To accomplish this, we’ve spent years developing and perfecting an affordable and unique hybrid vocational training program which includes both hands-on and online training.

Our low cost tuition directly reflects our commitment to helping animal lovers fulfill their dream of a career working in the animal industry. By educating students throughout North America, we’ve created a powerful team of skilled advocates who are devoted to nurturing the human-animal bond through dog training, cat training, veterinary assisting and pet grooming. In turn, our mission and purpose is fulfilled.

Enroll now by calling 1-800-795-3294 and see why Animal Behavior College is the right school for anyone wishing to pursue a career working with animals!


ABC Supports Our Military

If you are a military spouse, you may be able to use your MyCAA Benefits to cover the costs of tuition. Available for Dog Trainer, Veterinary Assistant and Pet Groomer Program.

US Military Spouses
May Qualify for Free Tuition



If you are a U.S. Veteran or a dependent under the provisions of Title 38, United States Code, you may be able to use your military benefits for our classroom Dog Obedience Instructor Training Program. This on-site program is located in Los Angeles, CA.

US Veterans and Qualifying Dependents May Be Eligible for Free Tuition.


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