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Veterinary Assistant Resources

Taking Care Of My Senior Dog

A reputable Veterinary Assistant Program will provide information on how to care for your dog as he ages.  With advances in science and nutrition, dogs are living longer just like their owners.  Still, changes in health and wellness in your senior dog can be signs of illness.  Some common illnesses aging dogs can experience similar to their human counterparts include diabetes, liver and kidney disease, heart disease, stiff joints, dental disease, or cancer.


My Dog Has Allergies

People and animals have many things in common.  Allergies can occur in each species.  Veterinary Assistant Colleges can provide invaluable information on what to look for and how to treat your dog should they develop allergy symptoms.  When allergens are present in any environment, some dogs are ill equipped to respond effectively thereby creating respiratory or skin reactions much like their masters.


What Is Canine Arthritis?

Arthritis can occur in dogs much like people.  What exactly is canine arthritis?  It is an inflammation of the joints often accompanied by pain.  It is a degenerative disease which essentially means their joints will continue to deteriorate.  Yet, Veterinary Schools can often help diagnose and offer treatment advice for students and pet owners alike that will help make your dog more comfortable. 


Reducing Bad Breath In Your Dog

A dog’s bad breath can be unpleasant for pet owners.  Yet, reputable Veterinary Assistant School graduates know bad breath can suggest more than ‘unpleasantness’.  Bad breath, or halitosis, is actually created by a build-up of bacteria either in your dog’s mouth, lungs, or gut.  If the problem is persistent, vet assistant schools  advise pet owners should investigate further if their dog has a recurring problem that may lurk behind his bad breath.


Why Knowing How To Feed Older Dogs Is Important

Veterinary Assistant Schools know that teaching pet owners how to maintain the health of their dogs is important.  Changes naturally occur as a dog gets older and with these changes, the proper diet can help preserve quality of a dog’s life, as well as potentially extend it.  That is why reputable Vet Assistant Schools, along with other pet care curriculums offered, often promote approaches to dietary changes when feeding older dogs.


Adult Dogs Need Good Feeding Habits

Qualified Veterinary Assistant Programs advise that to preserve health in an adult dog, pet owners should always be mindful of nutrients required to accomplish it.  Another important factor in adult dog care is the consideration of energy levels and dog size. 


Changing Dietary Needs For Puppies

Veterinary Assistant Programs provide invaluable information they pass on to pet owners.  For the first time dog owner, knowing how to feed a puppy is important because they have different requirements at different stages of growth.  This is particularly true when weaning your puppy from their mother’s milk.  You’ll want to ensure they get all the nutrients needed for maximum health in other key growth stages as well: for bones, coat, and disease prevention.


How Do I Supply A Balanced Diet For My Dog?

There are many dog food products on the market today.  Yet, do you know what nutrients your dog needs?  This is a common question that Veterinary Schools teach their students and offer to pet owners alike.  Vet Schools offer reliable information that is practical and free of sales incentives so you can be assured of its scientific value.


Is Your Dog Packing On The Pounds?

Overweight pets can experience health-related issues, say many Veterinary Technician Schools.  There is help because they also offer information and strategies on how to take off some pounds and reduce stress on joints, diabetes-related disease, and liver abnormalities.


How to Wean Your Puppy

A reliable Veterinary Assistant Training program can help establish how to wean your puppies.  As part of a reputable animal care curriculum, certified vet assistant training provides important guidelines for how best to accomplish the transition puppies must make when leaving mother’s milk for solid food. 


Vet Assistant Careers as a Surgical Technician

One of the most stressful times in an animal's life is when it requires a surgical procedure. Unlike humans, pets don't understand what is happening to them when it is time for surgery -- all they know is that they are sick or in pain and probably very scared. This is why working as a veterinary surgical technician is one of the most rewarding animal jobs available in the industry. Not only are you providing sick and injured animals with potentially life-saving care, but you have a chance to comfort and nurture them as they regain their health.


Working with Circus Animals

One of the reasons that many people choose to become a veterinary assistant is because they love the thrill of the unknown. Working in the field means that every day has the potential to bring with it challenges that you've never seen before. Working with animals also means that there is a huge variety of jobs that you can get, from working as a vet assistant at an animal hospital to becoming a zookeeper. But while some jobs might make you feel like you are in the circus, some animal careers can actually put you in the circus.


Working as a Wildlife Rehabilitation Expert

Recent graduates from veterinary assistant schools have a wide range of career paths available to them. Many choose to work as veterinary technicians in offices or as animal trainers affiliated with pet stores. However, some people might crave a more exciting and exotic career path. If you would like to see the great outdoors and help animals in their natural habitats, then you might want to consider a career in wildlife rehabilitation.


Job Highlight: Doggie Daycare

After you graduate from a veterinary assistant school such as ABC, there are a wide range of career choices in front of you. For some people, working as a vet tech in a veterinary office is the right choice. But if you are interested in a different, more eclectic career choice, you might want to consider working at a "Doggie Daycare" facility.


Job Highlight: Zoo Keepers

Becoming a veterinary assistant can open the doors to a world of exciting career opportunities, many of which can bring you up close and personal with rare and exotic wildlife such as lions, tigers and bears. If you have always dreamed of working in such an environment, a zoo keeper position may be the right job for you.


Job Highlight: Vet Assistant at Animal Clinics

An animal clinic is an ideal work environment for a veterinary assistant. Employees are surrounded by other professionals who are passionate about the field of veterinary medicine and care for the well-being of pets. Since our ABC Certified Veterinary Assistants enjoy working with a diverse group of people and animals, an animal clinic provides the perfect setting for them to be friendly and flexible in the face of varying expectations from clients and co-workers.


Land a Vet Assistant job soon after Graduation

During a time when most people are searching to find jobs, veterinarian assistants keep landing them. The majority of veterinary assistants that graduate from ABC Veterinary Assistant school go straight from their externships to employment.


It Pays To Be A Veterinary Assistant – Literally

It might seem difficult to find a job that pays well – or any job at all – in the current economic climate. However, one of the fastest-growing industries is becoming a veterinary assistant. Enrolling in a veterinary assistant school makes sense because six in 10 Americans will take advantage of veterinary services this year, meaning that this level of animal jobs will continue to grow. It’s also a job that pays well there is a possibility of earning a very good living while working as a vet assistant.



Positions Related to Veterinary Work

Many young adults dream of pursuing veterinary careers but feel discouraged by the number of years (and cost) necessary to attain the education and licensing necessary to practice veterinary medicine. For those who are lucky enough to identify and pursue this career early on, veterinary medicine can offer a satisfying career in terms of monetary compensation, as well as personal fulfillment. For those who discover their interest in working with and for animals later in life, or for those who for whatever reason are unable to attend and fund long-term medical studies, there are related careers like veterinary assistant positions that are in high demand and fulfilling. While not all animal jobs are as high-paying as a medical veterinary position, there are other lucrative positions that require much less formal schooling and may interest individuals with a variety of skills sets.


Veterinary Assistant Program Basics

Can I hold a full-time job for the duration of your program?

Yes! Our veterinary assistant program curriculum involves study from home with the added opportunity of working with a professional in a veterinary hospital environment. Our candidates study during the hours they set and submit work by specified deadlines. You can complete it in as little as 50 weeks or a maximum of 75.


Vet Assistant

What is the job of a veterinary assistant like? As with many other positions, the details depend on where the individual works. Depending on the place of employment, one job may involve tasks or even a primary focus that another job lacks entirely. For example, in a vet’s office, an assistant might be responsible for sterilizing surgical equipment, whereas in a kennel, this role doesn’t even exist. Details of the position differ from place to place. One reward of working as a veterinary assistant applies to the position regardless of the place of work—being around animals. In general, one could expect the job to involve some of the following tasks and benefits:


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