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NAVTA-Approved Vet Assistant School

Turn your passion for helping animals into a rewarding career by becoming a certified veterinary assistant at Animal Behavior College. Our vet assistant school is one of only three online veterinary assistant schools to be approved by the National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America (NAVTA). We’re also one of the few veterinary assistant schools that offer hands-on training to all of our students. Learn more about our program by calling (800) 795-3294.

Our Veterinary Assistant Program is designed to prepare you for a career working with animals. When you enroll, you learn everything from surgical preparation to small animal nursing. After successful completion of the prior stages, you will then be placed in a veterinary environment to complete your externship. During your externship, you will be given the opportunity to interact with professionals in the veterinary industry.

Speak to an Admissions Counselor by calling (800) 795-3294.

Veterinary Assistant School Overview

Our Veterinary Assistant Program makes it possible to:

  • Get your education online
  • Acquire practical skills you can apply in real-life settings
  • Experience what it’s like to work in a veterinary hospital
  • Receive ongoing student support
  • Invest in your future doing what you love
  • Receive study materials and ABC scrubs
  • Become a certified veterinary assistant

Switching careers doesn’t necessarily mean you quit your day job to return to school. You can study your way into a veterinarian assistant career by enrolling in our online certification program. Make your childhood dream of helping animals a reality at ABC. Contact (800) 795-3294 for more information.

Affordable Tuition & Financing

Tuition for our veterinary assistant school ranges from $3,245 to $5,430, depending on your chosen payment plan. This cost covers all learning materials, including the hands-on training externship. Don’t let the high costs of other vet assistant schools hold you back from pursuing your dream career. Get educated and get experience without breaking the bank at ABC.

Military FamilyMilitary Spouses May Qualify for Free Tuition

Are you a military spouse? You may receive up to $4,000 toward your tuition costs, including course materials and externship. Learn if you qualify for this educational benefit by calling (800) 795-3294.

NAVTA-Approved Curriculum

Why enroll in any other program when you can learn at a NAVTA-approved veterinary assistant school? Our curriculum is annually reviewed by registered veterinary technicians who have had years of experience working with animals. Given the high regard the veterinary community has for the NAVTA approval, getting your ABC certification may be the right step toward your career.

Flexible Schedule & Online Study

Learning can be easy when you can access the entire curriculum online. Complete the ABC veterinarian assistant course no matter where you live within the United States or Canada. The best part of this online program is you can study at your own pace on your own time. Flexible scheduling may afford you the opportunity to keep your job, balance home life and pursue certification.

Hands-On Training & Expert Mentorship

Experience can make or break your chances of getting a job in the veterinary field. Fortunately, you can get the experience you need during the externship part of our program. We have relationships with more than 3,000 veterinary hospitals across the U.S. and Canada, providing you the opportunity to get on-the-job training experience. Once you reach the hands-on training portion of the program, you will be assigned an externship location in your area. There, you will complete 90 hours of unpaid work experience, which includes 10 hours observing the veterinary staff while they complete veterinary assistant tasks. During the externship, you can apply the skills you acquired in the online portion and receive expert advice from an active professional in the industry.

Student Support From Experts

Stay on track with the help, guidance and support of your Program Manager. Each ABC Program Manager is a Registered Veterinary Technician who has years of personal on-the-job working experience.

Veterinary Assistant Certification

Upon successful completion of the program, you will receive your veterinary assistant certification and the title of Animal Behavior College Veterinary Assistant (ABCVA). Your certification can be a great resume booster, as it demonstrates your knowledge in the veterinary field and shows employers you’ve successfully completed your studies. By becoming certified through our NAVTA-approved Veterinary Assistant Program, your job opportunities may be endless.

Veterinary Assistant Courses

Our Veterinary Assistant Program can prepare you for a professional career as a veterinarian assistant. You learn the fundamentals and requirements of being a veterinary assistant as well as receive career advice from our founder.

Stage 1 - Office Etiquette & Hospital Procedures: Explains the various roles of each veterinary team member.
Stage 2 - Animal Restraint:Teaches you the fundamentals and fine points of animal restraint.
Stage 3 - Examination Room Procedures: Covers basic examination room preparation as well as patient background and physical examination procedures.
Stage 4 - Pharmacy & Pharmacology: Explains the fundamentals of an in-house veterinary pharmacy.
Stage 5 - Surgical Preparation & Assisting: Describes your responsibilities before, during and after a surgical procedure.
Stage 6 - Small Animal Nursing: Covers the fundamentals of small animal nursing.
Stage 7 - Laboratory Procedures: Explains basic laboratory procedures.
Stage 8 - Radiology & Ultrasound Imaging: Instructs you on proper radiology and ultrasound techniques as a means of diagnoses.
Stage 9 - Career Building: Provides you career advice you can apply to possibly secure a solid veterinarian assistant position.
Stage 10 - Externship: Gives you invaluable on-the-job training experience at a veterinary hospital.
Stage 11 - Final Exam & Graduation
For more detailed information on the curriculum, click here.

Pave the Way to a Veterinary Assistant Career Today

Animals are always in need of your help and employers welcome veterinary assistants certified through a NAVTA-approved program. You can make a difference as a veterinary assistant. Stop dreaming and start doing. Learn how to become a vet assistant by calling (800) 795-3294 today.


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