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4/25/2011 Breed Spotlight - Siberian Huskies

Siberian Huskies

Siberian Husky - Breed Spotlight


Known widely for being an Alaskan sledding dog, Huskies are both energetic and loving canine companions that are perfect for a physically active owner. They come in a variety of coat colors, ranging from pure white to silver, black, and even tawny. While they are most often seen with electric blue eyes, their eyes can also be chocolate brown or deep amber. As Huskies are engineered to withstand the coldest of temperatures, their fur is extremely thick, so they must be groomed regularly, especially if the climate that they reside in is warm.

Obedience Training Tips

Huskies are beautiful, affectionate, and intelligent dogs, but it is important that a potential owner consider the responsibility of caring for them before adopting one. This dog from the tundra must be regularly exercised, and needs a firm pack leader in order to learn and maintain obedience training. Training can be difficult if you are not 100 committed to their routine, because this dog breed is especially talented in the art of mischief, and will take advantage if you are not adamant and consistent.

Keep Active & Avoid Boredom

Siberian Huskies are working dogs by nature, so they need constant physical and mental stimulation, or they may become destructive out of boredom. If you need help, you can contact an ABC Certified Dog Trainer to help you with enrichment games for your Husky. It is not recommended that an apartment dweller becomes a Husky owner, as it is best for them to have a yard to run around in, but as long as you regularly take him out, he can be content with apartment life.

Don't Forget...They're Made for Snow

Keeping a cool temperature in your home is vital for a Husky owner. Since Huskies have thick coats year-round, it is extremely important that you keep your house cool enough for your dog to be comfortable. If you keep your dog outside during the day, make sure he has plenty of shade and water, as this breed is especially prone to getting heatstroke.

Siberian Huskies as Pets

Huskies are naturally friendly and happy-go-lucky dogs, but make sure that you socialize them early on, as they can become wary of other dogs and people if they are not frequently exposed to both as a puppy. They are friendly with children and other dogs, and prefer to live in a pack setting. Many dog training schools offer puppy socialization classes. Check out the ABC Find a Trainer Page to find one in your area.

So, if you are looking for a jogging buddy or a dog that just loves to play, and have the environment and time to train them, consider adopting a Siberian Husky.

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