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Tip of the Month

9/27/2010 “Bang!” How to Teach your Dog to Play Dead

Teach A Dog To Play Dead

Teach Your Dog To Play Dead

Want to learn a fun trick that will be not only entertaining to you and your pooch, but also to others? “Play dead” is an exciting training exercise that you or a dog trainer can teach your dog no matter what age he is.

With the following steps, you can expand your pal’s knowledge of obedience training and successfully teach him a fun trick that both of you can enjoy:

  1. Get Relaxed - First, it is important to make sure that your pooch is relaxed and comfortable. In order to achieve this, set aside 10 – 15 minutes of play time until he has used up most of his energy. If your pal is especially hyperactive, or very young, more time may need to be taken for this process of the exercise.

  2. Find a Good Place To Train - Once he is calm, pick a spot that is comfortable and serene, with as few distractions as possible so that he is able to focus on your commands.

  3. Sit - Start off with the “sit” cue. Once he is in a sitting position, use a treat to lure him into the “down” position.

  4. Lie Down - Once he is lying down, gently push him onto his side. Once he is on his side, use your free hand to make a gesture, and say “bang!” or “roll over!” depending on your preference of word choice. As any dog trainer will tell you, this command will take a while for him to get, so remember to be patient, as it is a little more difficult than average training cues.

  5. Rolling Over - This position, with your encouragement, will eventually cause him to roll over on his own. The moment that he does, reward him with a treat and plenty of praise. The goal is to have him flop over and lay his entire body on the ground.

  6. Repetition - Repeat this process over and over again, spending roughly 10 minutes at a time working on it until he knows to roll onto his back when you give the command. Remember to keep giving him treats and praise each time he performs properly, as it will make him more likely to follow your instructions with enthusiasm.

  7. Make It Harder - As soon as he is able to do this, try moving further and further away from him while giving the command.

Once your pooch can successfully complete the trick, he will be able to show off his talents to your friends and family.

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