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8/25/2010 What Can I do with my Certification?

Animal Career Certifications

If you are an animal lover, having a career that allows you to work with animals is probably a dream come true. However, many are unable to determine what type of job they would be able pursue after completing an animal-related program, and find themselves asking the same question, “What can I do with my certification?”

Why Get Certified?

First and foremost, why become certified? Any certification acknowledges that you are a serious professional in your chosen field who has obtained a certain level of expertise through your personal study and education. ABC assists you with entering into your field of study by providing you with a comprehensive education. We also provide a foundation for any type of career path that you might want to pursue. An understanding of the basics will be required no matter what you plan to do with your education. Although some industries do not require that you are certified, it is highly recommended that you become certified in order to optimize your potential success.

Entering any industry for the first time is always a little bit daunting. Yet, one of the benefits of choosing an animal career – aside from being able to spend time doing what you love – is how versatile the industry is. There are a variety of career options available to those who become certified as Dog Trainers, Vet Assistants, and Groomers.

As an ABC Certified Dog Trainer, there are a plethora of specialty training careers that you can choose, and many of them may not cost you any additional money. Dog Trainers are often self-employed business owners, while others work for large-scale companies, or for other dog trainers.

Some of the most popular fields of training are:

• Agility Training
• Police Dog Training
• Therapy Dog Training
• Search and Rescue Dog Training
• Shelter Dog Training
• Animal Behavior Specialist
• AKC Handling
• Doggie Daycare
• Hunting Dog Training
• Rally Training
• Trick Training
• CGC Training
• Movie Dog Training
• Private In-Home Training
• Herding Dogs

As an ABC Certified Veterinary Assistant, your opportunities in the veterinary field are endless. Careers in veterinary medicine are lucrative, and extremely rewarding to those who enjoy caring for animals. Vet Assistants are often employed by veterinary hospitals, mobile vet units, and animal clinics.

Some interesting career options that you can choose to pursue are:

• Surgical Technician
• Circus Animal Caretaker
• Wildlife Rehabilitation
• Zoo Keeping
• Animal Clinic Assistant
• Kennel Assistant

As an ABC Certified Dog Groomer, you can apply your vast knowledge of grooming with a touch of your own personal creativity to your work. Groomers can become business owners, work for other groomers, or even be employed at vet hospitals or boarding kennels to provide grooming services to the clients.

A few specialty fields that a groomer can choose from are:

• Pet Store Grooming
• Doggie Daycare Grooming
• Entertainment Industry Grooming
• Show Dog Grooming
• Competition Grooming
• Kennel Assistant

No matter what type of animal career that you choose to pursue, there are many different specialty fields to explore and look into. Most importantly, as an animal lover, you will always be satisfied with your career choice.

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