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Tip of the Month

1/25/2008 Work Out Together

Dog Working Out With Trainer

Exercise With Your Pet

The amount of daily physical activity your dog needs depends on her age, breed, and current state of health; however, every dog requires and thrives on at least 30 minutes of vigorous daily exercise. Practicing your canine’s dog training with her can help to satisfy some of this daily requirement, but you will probably still need to supplement it with some light exercise.

Workout Together - Benefits

If you are an active person with an established exercise regimen, try incorporating your dog’s exercise and animal training into your own routine. Involving your best friend will brighten up her day. Not only will she be getting extra time to spend with you, but she will also obtain added socialization, become more focused, sharpen her training skills, and maintain her fitness and health.

Safety Tips

When exercising together, there are several things to keep in mind. First of all, make sure your dog is properly hydrated and has access to a sufficient amount of water during and after exercising. Secondly, if walking or running on concrete or other rough surfaces, check the pads of her feet frequently for cuts and scrapes. Try changing up the surfaces on which you walk and run; constant running on concrete can be hard on a dog’s joints and bones. Your dog trainer can give you advice on suitable, safe surfaces for your dog to run on. Additionally, while walking, running, or hiking, do not let your dog’s animal training slack. She should still obey all of her obedience standards while exercising. Also, make sure to follow all leash laws at all times. Allowing your dog to run off-leash can not only earn you a ticket, but it could also cause her to dash out into the street or up to another (less friendly) dog. Socializations with other dogs should be done in a controlled environment, often with your animal trainer present to ensure that everything goes smoothly. Finally, make sure you start off slowly and gradually build up the distance that you walk or run.

Additional Workout Suggestions

Here are some ideas for working out with your dog. Not all dogs will enjoy all activities, so find what the best joint workout routine is for both you and your canine. Consult your dog obedience trainer for suggestions.
  • Walking or running

  • Hiking

  • Mountain biking

  • Rollerblading

  • Dog park

  • Interactive fetch

  • Hide-and-seek

Both you and your canine companion will benefit from brisk activities like these. May you and your dog have many enjoyable, healthy outings together!

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