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Steve Trimboli
Management / Biologist

In my wildest dreams I have always imagined that one day, I would become an animal trainer, with dogs, and to have a career as a professional dog trainer and instructor. ABC has indeed offered me those insights and training ideas that would help me to work more effectively at reaching my dream of one day becoming a full-time professional animal trainer.

The reason that I choose ABC was my curiosity and courage to seek out my vision of becoming an professional dog trainer, as well as the fact that the company constantly seeks out the newest and best ideas of animal training; all of the latest techniques, such as positive reinforcement, operant condition, etc. Above all, ABC is willing to share the success of dog training and teach their students how to build the most satisfying relationship possible between people and their dogs.

ABC lived up to my expectations 100%! They helped me to open up my mind, my inner self to the newest training ideas, and acknowledge and consider other professional views of dog training. They assisted and encouraged me to become an outstanding instructor who is continuously seeking new ideas to taste!

ABC helped me to fully understand not only dog training and becoming an instructor, but to better understand the principles of behavior and how an understanding of a dog’s behavior can be used to teach dogs newer and better skills. With the in-home study portion combined with my hands-on training with my Mentor Trainer, Gail Tenny, I was able to learn to speak a whole new language, DSL (Dog as a Second Language).

After becoming an ABC Certified Dog Trainer, I plan on pursuing my fascination in the science of operant conditioning and to become more involved in dog training and in behavioral diagnostics and functional analysis. My goal is to help all dog owners to solve their canine behavioral problems and to improve the bond between owners and their dogs; thus creating a happier home.


Lisa Colon
Owner of "KissAble Canine, LLC"

After working in animal rescue for years, I wanted to get additional experience on companion pet training and behavior modification. Rescue dogs with unknown histories can really benefit from obedience, from consistent house rules and from putting a few exercises in place to modify bad behavior. With a bachelor's degree in the IT field, it was the dogs that had my calling. I quit my corporate job to focus on training full time last year and haven't looked back.

I chose ABC because it offered a comprehensive foundation of companion pet training. ABC also offered education on the finer tips of running your own training business. ABC's program description; online sampled and past trainer testimonials sealed the choice for me that this was the right program. The registration was straightforward and the staff very very helpful. I had a great experience and always maintained good contact with ABC staff. I have now started my own training business, and training is my primary career. I’m loving it!


Melissa Payne
ABC Certified Dog Trainer

My name is Melissa Payne. I have always been an animal person and I have always known that I would be working with some kind of animal. I worked on and received an associate’s degree in Animal Management and started working at a zoo. I soon found out that there was something missing. A friend came to me with a problem that she had with her dog and I found it! I was so happy when I was working out the behavioral issue with her dog that I started looking into dog training. ABC's program is set up so that you can take your time, work at your pace, and get hands-on experience before you leave school. That was what I was looking for. ABC has given me the skills and knowledge that I need to be a great dog trainer. I am so grateful to have worked at the animal shelter and gained a better knowledge of how things work there and the kind of work it takes to run a shelter and the love that the dogs need.

I plan on working with the Mentor Trainer that I worked with while I was a student for a while and then we have been talking about joining together and opening a doggie daycare. With the training experience that we both have, plus the experience and knowledge that I have received through this program, at the zoo, and at the shelter back home, I know we can accomplish a lot. But better than anything, I have gained a great friend.


Luz "Lisa" Martinez
Service Dog Trainer

Where would I begin? I became interested in training dogs while serving a prison sentence of 20 years. There was a program offered that allowed us to train puppies to become Service Dogs. We worked under the supervision of NEADS, (National Education of Assistance Dogs Services). I raised 3 black labs; 2 of them became Service Dogs to children and the last one I raised was unable to graduate due to a brain lesion. My first dog was the first bi-lingual dog in the program. I taught him Spanish and English commands.

My interest grew due to the stories I heard from clients who gained independence and freedom through our program. It was called the Prison Pup Partnership Program. So, for 4 years I was giving life to another person and receiving love from these puppies at the same time.

I chose ABC upon my release because I really wanted to train dogs but do it right. I wanted to get as much knowledge as possible to help others also understand their dogs. It was surprising the attitude I encountered from each staff member at ABC… right from the first phone call! The pleasant voices, the encouraging e-mails... It was overwhelming after all the cruelty I had experienced in my life. So you can say that my journey with ABC was an extremely positive one and I have recommended it to several people.

I am beginning my own business, training dogs privately. My goal is to not only teach basic obedience, but to also help any client with disabilities to teach their dogs how to assist them with simple everyday tasks. I am at present teaching classes and have really enjoyed the end result -- seeing a dog perform in a well-behaved manner. Watching shy, fearful dogs overcome obstacles with each socialization class. Thank you ABC for the support and encouragement all along the way.


Dana Teague
Owner of "Good Karma K-9 Training"

As a teen I bred and trained Brittany Spaniels for hunting. Although I have had dogs all my life, I hadn't considered training as a career. In 2002 I completed a degree in Biology at the age of 49 with the intent of teaching. I quickly figured out that the classroom was not for me. At that time I was training my collie Karma in agility and obedience. It was then that I realized that was what I loved doing. I knew that I need to learn a lot more so I began looking for a school. I chose ABC because of the thorough curriculum and outstanding support they provide. I particularly like their commitment to shelter dogs. As part of my externship I volunteered at where they rescue dogs that are scheduled for euthanasia at other shelters. I am so committed to their cause that I continue to share my time to train these dogs so they never see another shelter.


Joan Li
Dog Trainer in Beijing, China

We may love dogs for different reasons, but one thing we share undoubtedly that we recover our genuineness through interaction with dogs. Dog lovers find the pure joy connecting to nature. Consider this, besides indulging yourselves with dogs, the closest contact with wild live animals you have is to dive into ocean, but how often can you hug a fish?

I held a professional career in international media marketing in Asia Pacific region, the essence of my daily practice was communication and management. When I reached the life stage that I can choose to do something I really enjoy, I ventured into dog training without hesitation. After a thorough search, I found that the ABC program offers the most comprehensive information about motivational and non-confrontational dog training. Especially, the externship program in the US renders valuable hands-on experience and updated know-how. Currently I reside in Beijing China where dog training is yet a novel concept. I provide private lessons of Basic Obedience Training in English and Chinese. But as the dog population escalates with the urban social-economic growth, I am ready to expand my dog friendly operation in Beijing.


Beth Ethier
Corporate Trainer and Dog Trainer

My name is Beth Ethier. I have always been an animal lover and growing up, I always had dogs and cats in my life. About a year and half ago, I brought a 4-month-old black male Lab into my home and introduced him to my 5-year-old chocolate female Lab, Jesse. Dylan and Jesse had an adjustment period but otherwise got along great. Jesse had been a dream puppy. She was easily trained with a sweet personality that made her everyone’s favorite dog.

However, my newly acquired buddy, Dylan, had some serious possession aggression issues. I had the vet check him out, brought him to a behaviorist and hired a trainer. I was mortified when the trainer did an alpha roll with my puppy. I even had a well known professional trainer, who has his own TV show, tell me to bring the dog back to the breeder. He said he was a dangerous dog. It was then I decided there had to be a better way.

I researched quite a bit of other training techniques through books, TV and the web in hopes of finding the answer for Dylan’s issues. I came across Animal Behavior College. The positive motivational methods of ABC were exactly what I was searching for. I enrolled in ABC and began my journey. Everything I learned throughout the course was practiced with Dylan. As it turned out, Dylan is a highly trainable dog who just needed someone to take control. The externship portion of the course was the best and Dylan went through it with me every step of the way. Today Dylan is a very well mannered, well trained dog and a joy to have around.

I am currently a Corporate Trainer in the business world and am working with my Mentor teaching Puppy and Good Manners classes part time. I hope to soon start my own business and leave the corporate world behind.

I credit Animal Behavior College for giving both Dylan and I a new outlook on life.
Thanks ABC!


Dale Ward
Owner of "Dale's Dog Training Academy"

Hello, my name is Dale Ward and I am a Certified Professional Dog Trainer. I am a graduate of Animal Behavior College (ABC) based in Northridge, CA. I also hold BA Honors and Masters Degrees. After spending many years in the corporate world, owning my own IT consulting business in Canada, I decided to do what I really love – work with dogs. I have spent time working as a kennel caretaker, doggie playroom supervisor, and grooming assistant. I have also worked in a veterinary office and am a certified Veterinary Technical Nutrition Counselor. I have literally worked with thousands of dogs. I chose ABC because it offered me the flexibility I needed, to continue working while studying. The Mentor Trainer idea really appealed to me; to be able to get some real, hands-on experience as part of the program was key in my choice. I have learned so much during my time at ABC, I am really looking forward to putting everything into practice. I have opened Dale's Dog Training Academy in Chesapeake, VA and am offering group classes and private lessons. I am also providing behavior consultation services to Centerville Animal Hospital in Chesapeake, VA. As a sideline, I make and sell wholesome dog treats called Woofies in a variety of flavors, using only healthy, human grade ingredients. Working with dogs and their owners, helping them build the kind of bond that I enjoy so much with my dog Wylie, is what I want to do. The rewards speak for themselves.


Jasmine Lugo
Recovery Tech at Spay and Neuter Clinic and Owner of "She-Ra's Ruff House"

My name is Jasmine Lugo. The reason why I chose Animal Behavior College is because I liked the flexibility in their curriculum. I also loved how they have a helpful staff that would respond to questions quickly and always in a polite and helpful way. My experience throughout the program was great. The book work allowed me to work at my own pace and even the Study Guides were a helpful part of the curriculum. The best part I have to say was the externship portion. The hands-on experience where I learned about all the different techniques was great. I plan on opening my own business and working on training dogs. I’d like to expand to other areas such as doggie daycare, pet sitting, and dog walking. I also want to go and continue school in the medical aspect to better my knowledge in that way. I love to work with any breed of dog. I currently volunteer to walk dogs for the ARF House located in Chicago. I work with their shelter dogs. I'm also working at the Paws Spay and Neuter Clinic as a recovery tech.


Marian Baer
Owner of "Leo's Dog Training"

All my life I have loved dogs and enjoyed working with people to solve problems. When it was time for me to start a business, I knew it was going to be with dogs. I did my research and came across the Animal Behavior College program. I was attracted to ABC because of the challenging, well-structured curriculum that included hands-on training through the externship portion of the program. This was a great experience and it worked out very well for me. I learned a lot of information and gained a lot of experience that helped me out with my own dogs. This training enabled me to start my own business, “Leo’s Dog Training.” Leo is a miniature dachshund that came into my life when he was 8 weeks old. He has been through the whole experience with me from the beginning and we have learned a lot together. Thank you to all the dogs I have worked with, the ABC staff, and Joan Dandy. These people have all helped and supported me through the Animal Behavior College program.


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