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Roseli Ribeiro
ABC Certified Dog Trainer

I was born in São Paulo, Brasil. I studied design at Catholic University of Goiás, Brasil. I graduated in 2008 as dog trainer specializing in obedience training from Animal Behavior College.

I have loved animals since infancy. I affirm that my love for animals is an intrinsic feeling that fulfills my soul.

My professional goal is to continue my studies about dogs’ behaviors, because I believe that this is a fundamental concept which will help me to create a healthy and happy environment to the dogs and their owners.

I would love to give many thanks to the dogs that participated and contributed to my studies. I acknowledge the importance in their participation because the success in dog training bears not only on the trainer’s shoulders but in the willful participation and interaction of the dogs with the human. Therefore, the adorable dogs, Maggie, Bella and Brummar, fully deserve my thanks and praises for their special participation in my studies.

I would like to first and foremost thank God for my accomplishment. I am also thankful to my mother and father who are very proud of me, my beloved husband, Ricardo, my sister-in-law, Zélia de Souza, and others that gave me encouragement which gave me the strength to keep going.

I also would like to thank Animal Behavior College for being the way which I went through to achieve my goal of becoming a professional dog trainer.

I would like to express my gratitude to my brother Silvio dos Anjos for the interpretation of my inner feelings in this short biography.


Lise Girard
Retired Nurse and Owner of “Check Pet & Play” Professional Pet Sitting, Dog Walking & Obedience Training Services

In 2001, I retired from nursing and I started my own pet sitting business. I have always loved dogs, cats, birds and all animals in general. The feeling of helping people and taking care of their animals was very appealing to me. Everyday mid-day walks are a ritual. It is a great opportunity to have my client’s dog(s) walking and exercising as well for me, since I enjoy being outdoors.

Several of my customers tell me “I don’t know what you are doing with my dog, but each time I come home after work the dog is relaxed and calmed. He has changed.” That makes me feel good since this is my goal – to make sure their dog companion is well taken care of and a happy pet.

I realized that if I’m doing a good job for my clients and their dogs only by walking them, there must be something more I can do. I always thought about training dogs. I read a lot of books, I watched DVD and TV programs about training but that was not enough.

After researching on the internet I found ABC dog training school. I was fascinated about their studying, externship and volunteering programs. The day I spoke with the college representative, I knew I had made an important decision and the right choice. I loved the idea of studying from home.

ABC taught me about understanding and communicating with dogs, and how clever dogs can be, how well they can learn and live in our human daily life while being treated as an animal. Most importantly, I learned the importance of having a well-behaved dog and respected member of our family. Using common sense and positive reinforcement training techniques doesn’t have to be difficult but fun.

Being with all kind of dogs every day is a unique experience. I can now teach obedience to my client’s dogs, help the owners to overcome behavioral problems and show them how well their dogs can behave. I enjoy enormously volunteering my time with the local animal shelter. Being part of their adoption program is very rewarding.

I am very grateful to all the staff at Animal Behavior College. Everyone was very supportive. I want to thank my Program Manager, Azure, for being always in communication via emails and encouraging me at all times. I enjoyed very much the externship program and my mentor, Helen, who was very educative and informative.

I will expand my business, offering private and group class dog training programs. I would like to get involved with sports agility training and my great desire would be to train service dogs in the near future.


Robert Grenier
ABC Certified Dog Trainer and Owner of “Bones Dog Training”

I chose Animal Behavior College because of its well rounded curriculum, emphasis on the positive human-dog relationship and the freedom of being able to study at home at my own pace. The program counselors are understanding, passionate, respectful, courteous and very helpful. I have formed wonderful relationships through the shelter and mentor programs. I thank them for the eye-opening experiences I received, and I also thank "Jimmy" the shelter dog (adopted June 08). I have started a dog training business and I am continuing my education with the help of my mentor. My goal is to open a total dog care facility.


Cynthia Velderrain
Facilities Administrator/ABC Certified Dog Trainer/Petsmart Pet Trainer

My name is Cynthia Velderrain and I have been an animal lover forever. In fact, I cannot remember a time in my life when there was not an animal as a part of our family. As a child, I was always bringing home stray dogs and cats, asking my parents if they could stay with us. My family never knew what I was going to bring home next and they always thought that I should and would have a career working with animals.

After taking both my parents’ dogs to obedience class when I was younger, I knew that training dogs would be something that I would love to do one day as a career. I just never really knew what I would have to do to achieve this goal. After many years of putting off my dreams and getting slowed down by the speed bump of life, I found myself in the daily grind of an office job and afraid that I would never be able to pursue my dream of working with animals.

One day not so long ago, I was talking with a friend about my dream to be a dog trainer and she asked me what it would take to attain my dream. I was not sure what this would take; so, I did some research online and I found Animal Behavior College. After reading over and spending some time on their website, I knew without a doubt that this would be the school for me. The ABC website is very easy to navigate through and all of their staff was very warm and helpful getting me started on the road to reaching my goals.

I would have to say that my experience with Animal Behavior College was amazing. I found the material easy to read and to understand and my program manager was fantastic! She was there for me every step of the way to answer any questions that I might have had, or for any other support I may have needed.

I may have been able to achieve my goals with other websites, but I know that I would not have had the same confidence of success that I have had with Animal Behavior College. I can not say enough about this school.

My experience and success with Animal Behavior College helped me attain employment at Petsmart as one of their accredited pet trainers. I am so happy to be able to apply what I have learned through ABC with real life people and their beloved family pets. I know that someday I will be running my own dog training company and I continue to look forward to helping people with their pets for many years to come. Thank you ABC!!!


Michael Skelton
Business Owner of Skelton Landscaping and Owner of “A-1 Top Training”

I chose ABC for my studies for the remarkable credit that they have as one of the top training companies in the industry. My experience with ABC and their faculty, and all the people that made my success through the course, was a pleasure. They made the experience as easy as it should be! I have currently opened a training clinic with the completion of my ABC schooling. I also spend a lot of time volunteering at the Lowell Humane Society due to the connection I have made with them due to my studies.


Kimberly Bandusky
ABC Certified Dog Trainer

One of my favorite quotes, "it's never too late to BE what you might have been," has inspired me to pursue my life-long passion for animals and become a dog trainer. Being a single-mom, I put my dream on pause, and after my teenage daughter encouraged me to make my dream a reality, I looked into dog training schools. When I found ABC, I was very impressed with their site and I filled out the information online and when I received the phone call, my life changed. I registered for school at the age of 43... my daughter was in shock and actually didn't believe me until I received my giant-normous box in the mail with all of my materials for school. My experience with ABC from the beginning and all the way through the externship was A++++; my coordinator, program manager and mentor are simply the best and truly helped me make my goal a reality. I am forever grateful for ABC and am honored and blessed to be a trainer from the best dog training school in the world. I highly recommend the program to anyone that wishes to make a difference in a dog's life and their owner's life. "There is no such thing as a bad dog" and we are here to educate the owners on the positive methods in training.

Upon my graduation, I will train part-time via private lessons as I am currently working with my park district to get ”dog training" classes added to their curriculum. I will continue helping my furry friends at the neighborhood shelter to make them better candidates for adoption. Another one of my favorite quotes to share with you is "If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else." My yorkie is a puppy mill rescue and I feel she is the one that rescued me.


Susan Schultz
ABC Certified Dog Trainer

I was interested in attending school to start a new career. I checked into the ABC website and thought this would be a great opportunity for me, as I love pets. I was a humane officer for our county, until the budget was depleted. I also have volunteered at our local humane society for a couple of years.

When it came to finding an organization to use for my volunteer hours for school, the SWCHS was great in assisting me with several different dogs and personalities to work with. I had a lot of fun with all aspects of the program, including going back to school after last attending college twenty some years ago. I had a lot of encouragement from my husband, friends and co-workers. They all thought this was a great idea for me as they all knew I loved working and taking care of animals.

I have grown up with all kinds of pets, cats, dogs, goats, and rabbits. Now, I'm down to four cats, and one dog, Chester. Chester was my student for the externship. I also enjoyed doing the externship. This was a total eye opener for me to see dogs come in with little or no basic training knowledge on the first day and leave the class with a totally different demeanor. Now, the real fun begins with finding clientele and jumping into my new career. I would recommend the ABC program to anyone that is interested in a new beginning for either themselves as a student or for the knowledge to better train their own dog.


Gerardo Salgado Jr.
Owner of “Pawer Walking,” a unique pet care experience

Working for the bank industry for 7 years started to become a 9 to 5 job with no way out. Sitting in a cubicle in front of a computer started to get very stressful. It was time to think outside the box. In August of 2006, we got an 8-week-old male boxer. I wasn't sure how to train him. This inspired me to look for ways to teach my boxer positive behaviors, and have a great relationship with him. I was encouraged to start my new journey in the dog world. After looking at several dog training schools, I chose Animal Behavior College. ABC makes you feel like you’re part of their family. Their material was very well organized. Having the option to flip pages or go online to read the chapters was a great advantage. From the first day to the sad ending of the course, I always received support from everyone at ABC. Keep up the good work!

Going into my externship and working with the dogs at Lake Shore Animal Shelter Inc. in Chicago made me realize that with the training from Animal Behavior College and my certification in Pet First Aid and CPR from the American Red Cross of Chicago, I can make a difference and help a lot of shelter dogs get good manners and someday get adopted.

I plan to start my own dog training program/dog walking pet care services in the near future, but for now I would like to volunteer more of my training and apply it to the shelter dogs at LSAS Inc. in Chicago.

Coming soon to the World Wide Web near you: look for for your pet care needs.


Christine Williams
Program Analyst/ABC Certified Dog Trainer

I have always had a love for dogs my entire life. Four years ago I purchased a beautiful Rottweiler puppy named Kaiser. As I started to train him, I just fell in love with the whole training experience. A little over a year ago I started to look into dog training courses. As I was searching the web, I fell upon ABC. As I read through the website I decided that this was the college for me! ABC has taught me so much that I cannot wait to get started in my new endeavor. My short-term goal is to either start working part-time or do volunteer work with a dog training facility. I would like to absorb as much knowledge as I can in order to apply it to my long term goal, which is to have my own doggy day care/training business. Thank you Animal Behavior College!


Antonin Bohac
ABC Certified Dog Trainer and Owner of "Silent Knight K-9’s, LLC"

Let me first start out by thanking ABC; I had a very tricky schedule to work around and ABC was great about working around that for me. My name is Antonin Bohac and I have been training dogs since the age of 16. I worked as an apprentice under Barbara Canfield, master trainer and owner of Vom Amaris K-9, one of the nation’s most recognized Doberman kennels. I had no idea what I was getting into at the time. I went to ask for work around the kennel and farm after school for some extra money; she didn’t have any openings so I asked if I could meet the dogs, and that’s when it all started. She brought out the love for dogs in me.

I’ve learned you can never have too many tools in your toolbox so I contacted ABC. Obedience training is fun and is the foundation for all, but I’m and adrenaline junkie and have crossed over into the Schutzhund and personal protection field as well. I have three German Shepherds, a rescue Rottie, and pictured here is my inspiration, Guiness, my four-year-old Border collie. She is a certified therapy dog who loves to catch Frisbees. I know it’s an insult to dogs in general, but Guiness is “almost human”.

What do I plan to do now, with the knowledge ABC has given me? I plan on holding obedience classes in the warmer months, and train my Shepherds as handicapped assistant K-9’s. Training is a lot more fun when doing it for a good reason. My business is Silent Knight K-9’s L.L.C. I am located in a small rural town in mid-Missouri, and will be providing a trained friend for people restricted to wheelchairs. They need to feel safe and secure and that’s where my training and dogs will come into play.

If you are looking for a career in dog training or just want to learn every possible angle in training, I highly recommend ABC to anyone. Like I said, they worked with me and my schedule and I still came out on top. If you feel a calling for man’s best friend, call ABC and get started. It has been a joy and will continue to be.


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