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Christina Bangs
Senior Analysis and Owner of Retrieving Dreams (K-9 Good Behavior Training)

I have had dogs as members of my family since I was a small child. Dogs have always been an important part of my life and currently my family consists of a senior Golden Retriever and a Border Collie Mix (she is a rescue). I am extremely grateful for all the dogs in my life for giving and teaching me unconditional love. I have never meet a dog I didnít like and each dog has their own individual personality and traits. I volunteer at the local SPCA and believe that the proper socialization and training will result in a higher likelihood of dogs being adopted.

A graduate of Animal Behavior College, I was granted ABC Certified Dog Trainer status in March 2005. The course was beneficial in my ability to launch Retrieving Dreams (K-9 Good Behavior Training). Retrieving Dreams is dedicated to ensuring dog owners and their pets develop and maintain a quality relationship based on understanding and effective humane communication.

I strive to bring a smile to every dog owner's face when they see that their dog has become a well trained, behaved and good mannered family member. Families and their beloved dogs, I believe that this relationship is what makes each day a fulfilled and a happy one.


Lynn Steinman
Flight Attendant

Throughout my childhood much of my time was spent caring for my dogs, cats, and horses. I then went off into the real world to pursue a career as a flight attendant for the past 18 years. My cat and dog allow me to nurture the intense animal connection I so desire. I have also been volunteering at my local no kill animal shelter with the hope of bringing some love, peace, and happiness into their lives. This environment has so obviously shown me the lack of owner bonding and training. I felt compelled to do something. So with a nudge from my wonderful new husband, I went for it. Animal Behavior College offered the type of training tools to build a solid foundation that I was looking for. My entire learning experience at ABC has been incredibly rewarding. I long to give back to our ever loving canine companions, and ABC has opened that door. It is my ultimate goal to open a doggy day care facility.


Maureen Seiferling

Formerly a technology geek and junkie (well, okay, not so Ďformerlyí), I found myself at a crossroads in my professional life and wanted to find an occupation that would re-energize my passion in my profession of choice. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I was spending more and more time fostering kittens. Well I couldnít stand not having a furry family of my own so I adopted two. My feline family has since grown to 5 and if not for the rather cantankerous personalities of a couple of my four-legged fiends, uh friends, I would have added a couple of dogs to the mix now that I have the space where they would thrive.

So putting two and two together, my professional dilemma led me to the conclusion that happiness awaits in starting my own business (enter Auntie Mís PETicular Care) where my love for animals takes center stage rather than back stage. Then I found ABC and what a wonderful program. Not only are you provided with the latest in theory, methodology and techniques but you are given the invaluable experience with a trained mentor who will forever be an important [local] contact for you. Thank you ABC!

While I will continue to volunteer extensively at various shelters and/or rescue organizations (increasing my feline household as kitten season is upon us), the services I can now provide to them as well as to others has grown significantly with the completion of my education with ABC. This has also positioned me well for the next chapter in my animal education specializing in complex behavior problems in both dogs and cats.

AndÖI love humor and love fun. What better profession to do both in when your clients are so entertaining!

(Pictured is foster pup Manny who is recovering from a pelvic fracture. Manny is a 2-year old male Manchester Terrier/Dachshund mix. He is cotton-candy sweet, absolutely loves to just be cuddled (preferrably on your lap) and such a little gentleman despite his current challenges.)


Jill Turner

Hi! My name is Jill and my dogs are Bits and Bosco. I got Bits, a Pomeranian-Miniature Collie mix, in 1995, when I was in elementary school. I got my second dog, Bosco, a chow/lab mix in January of 2004. Neither of my dogs came from very good backgrounds. Bits was found in a box on a logging road and Bosco was found as stray by the local SPCA.

It wasnít until I got Bits as a child that I began to have a desire to work with animals. When high school came around, I decided that I wanted to look into dog training. As a part of graduation requirements, I had to do some volunteer hours, so I chose to walk dogs at the local SPCA. That was when I decided that working with dogs was what I really wanted to do.

After graduating in June of 2002, I tried dog grooming for awhile and even helped groom dogs from a local puppy mill. I decided that dog grooming wasnít for me. I still had my heart set on dog training. Thatís when I signed up at Animal Behavior College.

The ABC curriculum is very interesting to read and informative. I learned a lot throughout the program. Iíve learned that time and patience are BIG factors in dog training, and that there is more to dog training than just trying to train a dog. ABC was a lot of hard work, but, I feel, if you are really willing to try and you really want this for yourself, then this course is for you.

Through what I have learned at Animal Behavior College, I am now able to answer questions that I am asked with more confidence. It is nice to know that Iím helping a dog and its owner so they can both have a great future together. I am still young and I havenít yet decided what direction I am going to take next in life. One thing is for sure, no matter where I go or what I decide to do, the things I learned here at ABC will used in my future.

Thanks ABC for making my goal become a reality!


Janet McDonough
Owner of Alpha Dog Training/Real Estate Title Abstractor

I have always had a passion for animals. Even as a young child, I had a lot of patience with them. I had an incredibly close connection with them and was very understanding of them. I knew early on that all I would ever want to do would be to work with animals. I just wasn't sure how I would accomplish it. I didn't think I could stomach being a vet; yet I wasn't sure how I could make a living by just working in a kennel or working for anyone in this industry. So, I tried everything else from psychology to bartending to massage therapy to real estate sales and research.

When I lost one of my dogs last year, it was a real wake-up-call me. I realized that after all that, there was still something missing. I longed to work with animals. I looked into different careers with animals and training was something I used to love to do when I worked at a kennel years ago. So, dog training was what I chose to really look into. I was really excited when I found ABC. It was a perfect fit for me. I lived in Maine, worked full time and couldn't quit my job or move to go to school. ABC's correspondence course was great. I loved that I would still be able to go through a hands-on training as well. I was sold! The information was very informative, the Program Manager that I worked with was a great help, the business forms that were supplied were wonderful guide lines and the hands-on portion of the training was hugely beneficial!

I am now still working full time at my other job and have started my own business training dogs on evenings and weekends. I used to dream of having a job where I could take my dogs with me every day. Thanks to ABC that is looking more and more like a reality every day!


Brenda Voght

I started raising assistance dogs for Canine Companions for Independence (CCI) in October of 2000. I had no experience in dog obedience training. I learned as I taught the puppy while attending weekly courses with a local CCI dog trainer. I quickly became hooked and I am now raising my fourth dog for CCI.

In 2003, the changes in the economy led to my full-time engineering position of becoming in jeopardy when a facility move to another state was announced. Since I had no intention of leaving the Pacific Northwest, I started looking for other options. I had increasingly become more interested in dog training and thought maybe a change in career was in store. I started looking into different instructor training courses and Animal Behavior College seemed to best fit my needs. With the ABC course I could do the course work at my own pace and it wouldnít interfere with my full-time day job.

Now that I have completed the course, I feel that I have a better understanding of dogs in general and my training techniques have greatly improved. I look forward to sharing my knowledge with those needing assistance with their four-legged canine companions and also applying what I have learned in the training of future CCI assistance dogs.


Che'rie Koronik

I have worked with a wide variety of people with special needs, trying to feel satisfied in my career. When I heard of the course offered by ABC, I knew I could combine my love of animals with my desire and dedication to help people.

The staff at ABC was always helpful and I was able to continue working full time while I took the course. I truly enjoyed the hands on training.

I am excited to help owners have a better understanding of their dogs and also help shelter dogs become more adoptable through volunteer work.


Corey Dowden

Before enrolling in Animal Behavior College, I had just assumed I would only learn the basic obedience commands such as sit, down, and stay. Boy was I in for a treat! There was so much information and all of it so applicable, not only for dog trainers but also pet owners. As much as I enjoyed the entire experience, my favorite part was getting to use everything I had learned by working hands-on during the participation stage. Animal Behavior College went above and beyond my expectations and I know it will surpass yours too.


Ramona Locke

Hi! My name is Ramona and I live in Rochester, N.H. As you can see these are my dogs. Billy the Kid and Roscoe P. Coltrain for you Dukes of Hazzard fans.

My experience with Animal Behavior College began in March of 2004 when I learned that I would be losing my job. I have always had dogs in my life and had been through some not so great training experiences, so I decided to check out becoming a trainer myself. My experience was wonderful with ABC. My Program Manager was always responsive to any questions I had, though I didn't have many as everything was very easy to understand. I have learned so much more than what I thought there was to dog training. I have learned the importance of dog training and have decided to pursue a part-time career as a dog trainer and continue to work with the Animal Welfare Society (AWS) of Kennebunk, ME.


Cynthia Bieber

I was in the corporate world for over 10 years working in finance, investment money management and office management before opening Paws Playland, the first Doggy Daycare in Santa Fe, NM. In order to better my understanding of dog behavior and positive training techniques, I became a Certified Dog Trainer through Animal Behavior College. The ABC program gave me the confidence to obtain my own dog training clients and the knowledge I needed to be successful in my doggy daycare business!


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