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Larry Ontiveros

As a child growing up in Southern California, I was exposed to animals at a very young age. In fact, I once owned up to 10 dogs of my own. There is a saying that has been heard for many years which is known as “Man’s Best Friend”. Well, not only are the dogs I own considered my best friends, I am their best companion as well. I have always been able to understand exactly what my dogs want and with the education I received from Animal Behavior College, I was able to better understand my relationship with other dogs, as well as, communicate the importance of proper training techniques with the owners.

What I found most valuable from ABC is the hands-on training I received during the participation part of the curriculum. I participated in the class with my own dog, as well as, observed and took part in the teaching of the group classes. I now use the tools that ABC gave me to conduct my own group classes. These tools have been invaluable and I want to thank ABC for being my mentor throughout the entire program.


Brenda Free

Hi, my name is Brenda Free. I am a dog lover and guardian of three.

ABC has provided me with education and encouragement to successfully train companion dogs. Thanks to ABC for their detailed information, as well as, the observation and on hands training with a mentor included in this program. I have shared my life with several 4 pawed companions over the years, but now I know so much more and have an understanding of their behavior.

Thanks to my Program Manager, Jori! She was most helpful and provided an outstanding support for the duration of the program.

Now I can confidently share the importance and knowledge I have learned for shaping behavior with positive reinforcement for a lifelong desirable relationship with an obedient companion.

With ABC’s program, I have been able to start my own dog training business and has encouraged me to volunteer with a local shelter.

I truly believe through education and training we can decrease the number of shelter animals and we can all benefit from the human / canine relationship.


Jason Kelley

I am not a stranger to bad luck or hard times; however, I can honestly say that my dogs were the only ones to help me through it. After a serious accident in 2001, I took some time to reflect upon my life, and to decide which direction my life was going. I came to the conclusion that animals were the most important thing to me. With the help of my supportive girlfriend, I decided to enroll in Animal Behavior College. I decided that becoming a dog trainer and devoting my life to educating people on the wonderful nature of canines was the path for my life.

Animal Behavior College helped me to achieve that goal. My experience was truly challenging and rewarding, and I would recommend this program to anyone who is interested in a career with canines. Animal Behavior College also gave me the tools to open my own business. I am now the owner of Biscuit's Dog Training, and I am very excited about this new path in my life.


Dean Scharf

After working as a creative director in advertising agencies, publishing, and corporate identity companies for 30 years, I decided to quit that high stress career to do something I truly love. I weighed a lot of options from running a bed & breakfast to doing home renovation to opening a mini-storage. However, none of those spoke to my heart. The answer for me was dog training.

Working with dogs is a dream-come-true. I get up every morning and wonder why I waited so long to make the change.

I love helping a dog and owner form a better, tighter relationship based on communication and love. I love being my own boss. I love owning my own company. I love meeting new people. I love being a welcome addition to the rural community that I now live in.

Although my wife and I had trained our own dogs, Timber a Rottweiler and Aroma a mixed breed, I knew that a formal course and certification would help me gain confidence, fill in gaps in my knowledge, hone my skills, and add credibility in the eyes of clients. Once I was committed to starting a new life, I looked for a really good school that would offer just those things.

I found Animal Behavior College and checked it out with people who had graduated and with other trainers who knew the school’s reputation but had not gone through its program. ABC came out with high marks because of the combination of academics and hands on experience. One without the other is just half the education.

Thanks to ABC I now work with dogs teaching obedience, solving behavioral problems, volunteering at shelters, and will soon open a boarding kennel that specializes in board and train services.

I've never been happier.


Ken Horton

I have loved animals--especially dogs--for as long as I can remember. Actually, I have been admired for my breadth of knowledge on all breeds of dogs, their temperaments, health concerns, and their ideal environments. Fortunately, I work at the Atlanta Humane Society where that knowledge is put to use daily. It is imperative that clients get the best advice possible when selecting a new member of the family. I take pride in helping them find that perfect pet.

With the knowledge that I have received from Animal Behavior College, my skills have been enhanced tremendously. Now, I am able to assist families after the adoption is complete with issues such as housebreaking, behavior modification, and other issues that might arise after bringing the new family member home. I now assist co-workers deal with problem animals. I also work directly with the animals that are waiting to be adopted, thereby making them more appealing to potential adopters. The possibilities are endless, and I plan to pursue as many as possible.

Soon, I will be conducting private and group dog training sessions around Atlanta, Georgia. ABC has had a tremendous impact on my future in the dog training business. Thanks.


Kenneth Lips

As a child, I always had a love for animals, but because of my fathers job the pets we were able to get we could never keep for long. This broke my heart as a young boy. Although my interests changed as I became a teenager, I never lost my love for animals; especially dogs. Originally, I wanted to become a veterinarian, but because I had a family at a young age, I sacrificed college to go to tech school so that could provide for their immediate needs. After tech school, I got a job fixing cars. That became the career I followed for the next thirty years. Now that my children are grown and have lives of their own, I can finally follow my dream of working with dogs. Not as a veterinarian, but as a dog trainer and animal behaviorist. I began searching for a school by which to get an education in this field and found Animal Behavior College on the internet. After checking out their site, I sought to contact a trainer who had graduated from ABC. I heard only good things back from the people I talked to, so I decided to sign up. Over the next ten months, working with my Program Manager, Julie, I completed and graduated from ABC. It has been a very rewarding and intriguing experience. Currently, I am planning to start my own business, but I am already working in the field to gain experience.


Heidi McGovern

Animals have always had a facination for me. Be they wild or domestic, I have always found myself wondering about how they think and what makes them do the things they do. In 2003, my husband and I got our first dog, a Great Dane we named DozeR. Watching DozeR grow, develop his personality, and learn to be a part of our household was an inspiring experience. I finally had a direction that I knew was the right one for me. I devoured every book I could get my hands on about how dog's think and different training techniques. And then I stumbled upon Animal Behavior College's website. The thought that I could do this as a career got into my head and simply wouldn't leave.

Animal Behavior College's Dog Obedience Instructor Program was exactly what I was looking for. I especially found the hands-on sessions to be invaluable as learning tools. My mentor trainer was fabulous and I learned so much from her about how to communicate effectively and how to read dog's behaviour. Working in the shelter was truly enlightening as well, and taught a lot about having patience! I'm very grateful to all those how helped me through the program, both here at home and at ABC itself.

I have since started my own business here in Eastern Ontario, FuRKiDz, and I know that thanks to ABC I will be able to help numerous dogs and people to understand one another and become a well rounded family.


Kellie Sadler

I was born in St. Louis, Missouri, and after many hardships and moving from one place to another and back again, I ended up in Independence, a suburb of Kansas City, MO. I have always loved animals, and dogs stuck out to me for some reason. They were special. They seemed to like me back. I spent my childhood and teen years reading everything I could find on dogs. From pop-up books to biology text books, I fed my head. I always knew I wanted to be a dog trainer. Animal Behavior Collage made that possible for me, and I'm very thankful for them! I learned everything I could from my mentor trainer (that the program provided) and their books. Now, I'm in a position that I love... one to help the dogs I've grown so fond of. Now, I'm a trainer.


Debra Ekman

Debra Ekman is married with two boys, ages 17 and 19, and 10 dogs. Some are from the local shelter, and others are from the rescue, where she volunteered. Although her youngest will be leaving for college next year, she laughs when friends ask her about her impending "empty nest". Debra is currently volunteering at the Montgomery County, Md. shelter, doing dog training on Friday afternoons and adoptions advising on Saturdays. She is also assisting in training classes in order to continue her dog training education. Her goal is to help rescue and shelter dogs find homes and to offer their owners training classes and advice on problem behaviors, so that these dogs stay in their homes. "I want to help nurture the relationship between owner and dog, so that the dog feels loved and appreciated and the owner feels blessed to have added this dog to the family."


Melinda Weaver

Growing up, I always wanted to be a sports reporter, but when the company I worked for starting restructuring, I realized I wanted something else. I had a dog with aggression toward new people and wanted to learn how to make his life less stressful. When searching on the Internet for dog trainers, I found the ABC site and realized I could go to school to be a dog trainer and begin to train Muggsy myself. Through the ABC apprenticeship program, I met a wonderful trainer who was willing to take me under her wing and help me improve. I currently work for her Los Angeles-based company doing group classes and private lessons.


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