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Marni Dlin

Dogs have always been my passion. For the last 20 years, I have been involved in rescue. I have read extensively about dogs, behavior and training.

I enrolled at Animal Behavior College because of its intensive, thorough course, which included a lot of practical experience.


Alicia Kryklywyj

I never knew exactly what I wanted to do as a career. I went to college, shuffled jobs frequently, got to where I thought I wanted to be and just found I was still not satisfied and felt like there could be more to life.

I moved to a bigger city thinking maybe this is where it's at, maybe I can find whatever I'm looking for there. Well, I sort of did; I got my second dog, an
Akita, and could not get him to listen to me, so I contacted a trainer. After the training was complete, I started working with my dog and just loved it and decided dog training was something I would like to do. I searched the internet and after checking a few sites, and gathering some information, I contacted Animal Behavior College. The rest as they say, is history.

I have recently moved back to my home town and have opened a dog training business. I still volunteer at the local animal shelters, and I also plan on expanding my studies. I want to get into training Sled dogs, tracking, and search and rescue.

Down the road I hope to purchase property and create an animal rescue. This was inspired by my girl, Mudd. She is a rescue from a neglectful owner who had abused, dehydrated and half starved her. She was only 8 weeks old when I adopted her. Mudd is now a year old and in perfect health. I want to make my rescue a safe-haven for dogs to see that neglect and abuse no longer happens.

Being more involved with dogs has really opened my eyes to alot of unfortunate crulity that happens to dogs and other animals, I don't think I would have realized if I had not contacted ABC and started my journey to become a dog trainer. I now have a passion and a goal to work towards.

Thanks to ABC, I'm on my way.


Rose Lesniak

I have always been interested in dog training. Animal Behavior College has offered me information that was invaluable, which gave me a great structure to follow and allowed me to meet great dog people along the way! I even graduated sooner than expected and was offered a job before my graduation date!


Sharon Brown

For as long as I can remember, I have had love and compassion in my heart for animals. When asked why, the only answer I know is that it must have been a part of my birth. For it is embedded in the heart of who I am. I have had many opportunities to hand raise and rehabilitate wild babies that were abandoned for one reason or another. Among them were squirrels, rabbits, raccoons, opossums, foxes, small birds and even a Red Tail Hawk. I could never turn my back on an animal in distress.

But my true passion has always been dogs and horses. I train my own horses using Natural Horsemanship techniques. I am certified in the seven games of Natural Horsemanship. I have been a professional dog groomer for 15 years. I canít imagine life without one AND the other. My dog, Cricket is half Rat Terrier and half Mountain Cur. She loves to ride in the saddle with me. She can even get on by herself. Dolly, a shelter rescue (half Border Collie and half Black Lab) prefers to trot along on her own 4 feet. But she also loves going along on the trail rides and playing in the creeks.

Through my dog grooming profession, I have seen many dogs re-homed or surrendered to animal shelters due to behavioral problems and lack of training. This was always disheartening to me. Then I realized maybe there is something I can do to help dogs and their owners. Thatís when I contacted ABC. I wanted to gain professional knowledge to help people gain a better relationship with their dogs. I know that through basic obedience, their lives could become more meaningful and enjoyable. My dream is for every dog owner to feel what it is like to have their dog look in their eyes and reflect back the love and understanding and true unity that epitomizes ďmanís best friendĒ in every sense of the words.

Thank you ABC for opening that door for me.


Debbie Stezar

I have loved dogs for all my life and have achieved a life-long dream by becoming an ABC Certified Dog Trainer. I look forward to helping others establish as truly a remarkable relationship with their dogs as I have been able to by the use of positive dog training methods.

I share my den with my husband, Ed, (the wind beneath my wings) and our 4 canine companions: Courtney (who
has earned her CGC this year and is a registered Therapy Dog), Sadie (who was rescued as a young puppy from our local Humane Society), Mitch (our Big Boy Boxer) and Sweet Emily (who we adopted 4 months ago from a Boxer Rescue).

I am currently offering both group and private training classes in Basic Obedience. I am also offering Puppy Classes and help with learning the basics of Freestlye to those who have an interest in this sport.


Benjamin Geeslin

When I was young my parents had a Britney mix, unfortunately, all I remember of this dog were negative associations. Most of my life I had no associations with canines until 6 years ago when my wife and I rescued a 3 week old Yellow Labrador, Molly. Even though, I had been in the Customer Service field for 15 years, my listening and understanding skills were not what I thought they were, especially when trying to understand what this dog was trying to convey.

I made a call to a training facility near our home and said, "HELP!! Please teach me to communicate with my dog." The lessons they taught me were invaluable. Not only did we learn together, I learned to speak doggie.....Ha!

When Molly was 7 months of age, we had achieved our Canine Good Citizen (CGC), which opened doors for several fun activities, such as, Agility, Flyball, Search and Rescue, and Hunting Trials.

The Summer of 2005 Molly said, 'Help Others', so I enrolled in Animal Behavior College, to get certified, which I completed the Summer of 2006.

A really great occurence happened while completeing the volunteer phase of ABC's curriculum. I was volunteering at our local animal shelter, and the director asked if I would work with a couple of dogs that had come into the shelter that week. One of them was 2 1/2 month old Yellow Labrador. She was so frightened that it took about 20 minutes before
I got her out of the kennel. Once I did, she showed a little energy but it was not the energy of a lab puppy. Of course with me being a volunteer with the Heart of Texas Lab Rescue, I took her home with me(adopted her). Later that week, I took her to our vet where she was diagnosted with parvo. Four months later, she is a great 6 month old puppy doing quite well.

Thanks ABC from me and my girls!


Jessica Shepherd

I didnít have many animals growing up, but I always wanted more. When my boyfriend and I moved in together, he had a lab, so we decided to get her a buddy to play with. Then we just kept getting more and more! We now have 8 of our own, and it just seems to keep growing.

I always knew that I wanted to work with animals, just wasnít sure how to go about it. That was when I found Animal Behavior College, and jumped right in on the opportunity. It didnít take long at all, and I met great people along the way. It was a great experience and I would not hesitate to recommend this course to anyone who is interested in becoming a dog trainer or just bettering their knowledge.

Thank you ABC!


J. David White
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist & Owner of Canine Sight

As with most animal trainer types, my love for animals began at a very early age. I remember when I was six or seven years old, my "dream" was to become a big cat trainer for the circus and, to this day, I have books about big cats at home and in my office. My love for animals has only grown over the years and I began thinking about how I could engage this passion in something of an avocational pursuit and dog training seemed to be a little more logical (and safe) choice than training big cats. To carry this logical thinking forward, I realized that becoming an ABC Certified Dog Trainer would offer me the wonderful experience of working with other people, which I already do in my chosen profession as a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Ultimately, to have an opportunity to integrate the work of my counseling and my dog training is something I consider to be a highly complementary and symbiotic relationship that will help me in assisting others as a therapist and a dog trainer. Additionally, my counseling work calls on me to consider a variety of therapeutic techniques by which the client can be "reached" and, by far, one of the most exciting and intriguing of interventions is canine therapy. I personally feel that this field has only begun to harness the potential of its effectiveness and I am thrilled to now be able to utilize the training I received from ABC to help other people. Case in point, I am currently writing my dissertation for my Ph.D. and the topic for this work is using canine therapy as an access point to help people reattach to substantive relationships. I am confident that this work and others like it will continue to shed light on the wonderful profession of dog training and feel blessed to have been educated by ABC.

I have learned in my therapeutic practice that the issues that clients bring to the counseling session are interwoven with other problems in their lives and these problems most often feed one another, creating a negative spiral into counterproductive living. Given this professional experience plus what I have mentioned above, training with ABC was something that I saw to be the best choice for me, as I feel that their curriculum and externship experiences prepared me to view my work from a comprehensive or holistic approach.

Since graduating from Animal Behavior College, I have started my own dog training business called Canine Sight and my business tagline is "Bringing You Eye to Eye With Your Dog". It is important for me to teach my dog training clients that dogs are dogs and NOT humans, as I feel that this false belief creates most of the problems for dogs today. Anyway, I am currently working on a simple website and hope to have it up and running by the first part of October, so come visit me online at around October 1st.

It is exciting to have fulfilled a lifelong dream of training animals, and I want to thank Steven Appelbaum and the wonderful and helpful people at Animal Behavior College for helping me to reach this goal. It is very satisfying and exhilarating to work with animals in this way! Thank you!


Anita McAllister

I have always loved animals. When I was growing up, we always had pets, mostly dogs. As an adult, this love developed into a desire to seek a more enjoyable career - This is when I found Animal Behavior College.

Through the process of my ABC training, I began to volunteer with local animal rescue organizations to gain as much hands-on experience as possible. I have been able lend my training expertise in many instances and help unstable dogs become more adoptable. This is the most rewarding aspect of having gone through and graduated from ABC. I specialize in behavioral problems and help dog parents become leaders so their best friends can become valued members of their families.

Many other opportunities and activities have opened up including helping the local 4-H kids prepare for their annual dog show, competitive obedience, rally obedience and agility. My Pembroke Welsh Corgi "Winnie" just earned his Advanced AKC title in Rally-Obedience, so we now have two titles under our belt. He is a very talented agility dog. We compete in AKC and NADAC trials and are closing in on three NADAC Novice titles, which will allow us to move up to the advanced levels. As an eight-inch jumper, he will be hard to beat. His registered name is very fitting "Winnie Fast and Furious"!!

I currently work as a Mentor Trainer for ABC, helping students just like myself complete their hands-on training and graduate from the course. Beginning in February, 2008, I will be training at the local Camp Bow Wow and offering Canine Good Citizen classes and testing.


Shelly Sturgeon

I had worked outside the home for 15 years and although I learned a lot (and am very thankful for all I learned) I was not totally happy working for someone else, punching a time clock and giving 110% to a job that couldnít pay me what I was truly worth. I have been in the USAF, Restaurant Management, as well as an Administrative Professional and finally decided I was ready to be my own boss and work from home to spend more quality time with my family.

I have been an animal lover all my life and have always had at least 1 dog and usually a few cats. So, with some soul searching and looking for a home-based, part-time job and hobby, I found ABC.

The entire training experience has been great! I couldnít wait to finish each stage and take an exam so I could keep moving on. The information I gained was so interesting. The externship was great fun!! Working with the dogs and their owners gave me the confidence I needed to be ready to get started with my own classes upon graduation of ABC. My Golden Retriever (Lacy) went through 6 weeks of the externship with me and she was wonderful. Of course, I had already practiced with her at home with what I had learned from the ABC course manuals. (She was actually ready for intermediate class!!) I have so many new things to learn and build on now, and I am so thankful I signed up with ABC to give me the solid foundation and confidence I need to keep learning and moving forward!! Also, during the Volunteer Stage of my training, my family and I rescued Meadow (Labrador) from the animal shelter in which I was volunteering. She has been so much fun (and a lot of work) for the whole family. I have learned so much from her since she was only 4 months old when we rescued her.

My future plans for ongoing training include Rally-O for Fun, Agility for Fun, Intermediate and Advanced Obedience Classes, as well as Animal Assisted Activities in which my dogs will be helping others in Schools and Nursing Homes.


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