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Jennifer Lockwood

I was in the corporate world of accounting for fifteen years and I finally decided that I was completely bored with my career. I talked it over with my husband and decided that I would love to become a dog
trainer. He looked on the internet and the next thing I know I am signing up with ABC.

Working with my Mentor Trainer was an amazing
experience. Animal Behavior College has opened up an entire new world for me. I would have never imagined myself owning my own business and getting to work with dogs every day AND getting paid for it.


Branka Postic

I came to Canada six years ago from Croatia. I have studied English and worked on many jobs during those years. When I decided to go to school, I wanted to find a place where I could do something I liked the most, working with dogs.

Luckily I found ABC. I thought that I know a lot about dogs, but it appears that I didn't know much compared to the knowledge I gained at ABC. The professional people from Animal Behavior College helped me along the way to reach my goals and graduate.

If anybody asks me about the school and its programs I would definately recommend it.


Nancy Allen

I grew up with and worked with compulsion training. As time went on I started to get involved with abused dogs, Rotties in particular. Those of you who know Rotties know they do not respond well to force. A scared, abused adult responds even more poorly to force training. In fact, it can be downright dangerous. I had to build trust with these dogs. In order to do that I needed to greatly modify my training style. My training became a mixture of what I had learned, what I believed and what I intuitively knew.

Although I had continued to work with rescue dogs privately, I had removed myself from the professional dog world and entered the manufacturing world. I was becoming increasingly dissatisfied with that path and was beginning to look for something more fulfilling.

While surfing the net I stumbled across Animal Behavior Collegeís website and was instantly intrigued. I did more research on the school and was able to find only positive remarks from a variety of sources. Their philosophy sounded like it closely matched mine. The ease of being able to take the course at my own pace and within my own schedule was very attractive. I applied and was accepted as a student. Am I glad I took that step!

The curriculum was thorough and effective. It taught me methods to achieve the results that I wanted in ways that are totally in keeping with my own philosophy. My mentors/program managers were always available with friendly encouragement and extremely knowledgeable guidance. For the hands on section of my training, I was fortunate to be assigned to Leslie Nelson. Her training abilities and knowledge are, to me, remarkable. So much so that at the end of my required stay with her I asked if I might stay on. Her reply that I had to as I was part of the family was an immense compliment.

In August of 2006 I graduated with honors from Animal Behavior College. I thank all the staff at ABC and Leslie for helping me to achieve an excellent foundation on which to build a rewarding career. The dogs in my life, present and future, thank you for giving me the tools and knowledge to help them more effectively Ė and with lots of fun for all!


Rita J. Pirrotta, RN, MHSA
Nurse Consultant & Owner All4Paws Dog Training

About 11 years ago, my husband and I were experiencing what experts call the empty nest syndrome. We decided what better way to fill the void than with 4-legged children. The rest was history...we were hooked!!! Naturally we could not have just one dog; two would be awesome as they would keep each other company. Of course no one told us that two would mean double the training and double the trouble, not knowing anything about training. After 30 years as a Professional Nurse / Educator, and holding 3 Degrees I knew I could do it!!! After all, we had raised a child with ADHD to become a successful young woman. We figured all was needed was a basic puppy training class and my dogs would be miraculous wonder dogs. As you might guess, I soon realized that training myself was critical since I was now committed to caring for these precious family members and this was a lifetime commitment.

After completing a 9-month intensive curriculum through Animal Behavior College, I found my new passion. The externship was a wonderful opportunity to put to the test the skills learned in the intensive didactic portion of the curriculum. It also showed me the importance of giving back to the community as I was introduced to the tremendous work done by two local humane societies. The ABC program was a wonderful blend of didactic and experiential learning with FABULOUS support from highly qualified individuals (Thanks Julie). The journey began by giving up a professional nursing career, except a small home business as a professional health care consultant, and has grown into the development of a second home business (Dog Training) ALL 4 PAWS. Thanks ABC!


Mirna Pacheco
Dog Trainer at Dogs on the Run

I grew up in a loving home where animals were a huge part of our family. All my life, I knew that dogs were going to be part of my career. It took me a while to figure out how I could apply my skills with animals into my everyday life and make a living out of it.

ABC has given me the ability to share my love and appreciation of pets with others. I get a great sense of joy and accomplishment knowing that I help pets and their owners form a strong, lasting relationship through the training Iíve received through ABC. I learned many theories and concepts about different breeds and temperaments as well as training techniques. Interaction with owners and pets during the hands-on portion of my training reinforced what I learned through the books, giving me the confidence to conduct classes on my own.

Since graduating, I have found success working as a trainer for Dogs On The Run, where I am gaining knowledge and experience every day.


Carol Gallegos

Hi, my name is Carol and this is my wonderful 9 year old Sheltie, Major. I have always loved being around animals and dogs in particular. I first got the idea to train to work full-time with dogs from my sister-in-law and brother-in-law who both vocalized that they felt I had, ďa way with dogs.Ē I started to look at various options for my studies and found ABC online. After research I decided that ABC was the perfect fit for me. Being a stay at home mom of 2, I was able to set my own study times, work at home from my computer, get any help I needed from a simple email and I found the course was affordable. The materials from ABC were challenging and well set out and I really enjoyed and learned a lot during my favorite stage, the hands-on portion of the course. My Mentor Trainer was Mike Musso, a wonderfully talented trainer, and I feel blessed to have been able to learn from him. I hope to continue my studies and ultimately work with service dogs. Thank you ABC for a great start!


Cathie Lee
Owner of Canine Wisdom

As far back as I can remember, I have always felt comfortable working and training dogs. I knew what I really wanted to do in this life is help shelter dogs and owners who were having problems with their dog. I wasnít sure how to start in the right direction of my goals until I found out about Animal Behavior College. With their extensive and informative material grouped with the externship and volunteer work makes this a very well rounded program.

The most memorable part of the program was working with my Mentor Trainer, Rhonda Claice, and volunteering at a local shelter. My mentor was very knowledgeable and the volunteer work at the shelter gave me the opportunity to work with the Training and Behavior Coordinator who introduced me to new training techniques. The volunteer work gave me a wide range of knowledge and experience with different dog breeds. Although I only needed to volunteer 10 hours for my externship, I continue to go in for about 5 hours a week. Now that I have graduated, I have opened up my own dog training company, Canine Wisdom, and am excited to see where my chosen career path will lead in the years ahead.


Dawn Nehrbass
Former Federal Government Worker

I live in rural Central Wisconsin on an 80 acre farm with my husband, Hank, and my Rhodesian Ridgeback mix, Buster. I retired a couple of years ago after 26 plus years of Federal Government service. Iíve always loved animals of all kinds, but Iím especially fond of dogs. I wanted to volunteer at the local County Animal Shelter but was afraid if I did, Iíd start bringing too many of the critters home with me.

When I began studying with Animal Behavior College, an idea started forming in my head. I finally figured out how I could help the animals at the shelter and volunteer in my own way. I now make myself available to help anyone who adopted a dog from our shelter (or any other rescue shelter) with problem solving and basic obedience training on a volunteer basis. Iíve learned a lot from my time with ABC and am very proud of the certification Iíve earned with my graduation. Iím glad I found ABC, and Iím looking forward to whatever the future has in store for me.


Jason Mann

Dogs have been a passion of mine ever since I was five years old. I started training for fun and for friends. After a few years of this, I decided I would like to make dog training my full time living. I already had a deep knowledge of dog training concepts and knew a lot about dogs, but I wanted to expand my knowledge so I could offer well rounded, professional training services to people in my area. That's when I found Animal Behavior College.

Through ABC, I not only expanded my knowledge, but I had the great pleasure of working with a great Mentor Trainer who I will call friend for years to come.

ABC has helped me achieve my dream of helping people live a more fulfilled life with their dogs and earn a living do it. I highly encourage anyone looking to start a career in the dog training profession to contact ABC.


April Van Iseghem

My name is April Van Iseghem and these are my three dogs. Tavern is a male Cocker Mix, Gunner is a male German Shorthair and Rilley is my special Pitt Bull. I have had a love for animals since I was old enough to hold them. I always had cats growing up; my parents did not want a dog. They always said they were too much work! As I agree with now. When I was 14, my mom and I drove past a sign that said, ďPuppies $30.00Ē, we went to look and ended up with a Black Lab/Dalmatian mix. When he was a pup, we took him to dog training classes, which led to me getting him CGC certified and later Agility. I would have to say from that moment on I wanted a job that dealt with dogs.

I was not sure how to go about it, so I decided I wanted to be a Vet. Of Course that all changed! As I got older, my passion for having an obedient dog and sharing that knowledge grew stronger. I started looking online for dog training colleges, and I stumbled upon ABC. I contacted an Admissions Counselor and we talked for hours. It took me 3 months to actually sign up; I can be skeptical. But, my desire won me over.

I currently train as an in-home trainer, and I am working with my local Humane Society in starting a partnership to train dogs that get adopted out and the dogs in our community. My goal is too keep the shelter numbers down and educate my community with proper training to build a life long companion.


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