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Carol Fredman
Owner of "Good Dog!"

Animals have always been an essential part of my life. I find comfort being surrounded by my animals. As a child growing up in Brooklyn, NY, I started with white mice and goldfish. Yet, I was always dreaming about having a wolf. As a teen, one of my first jobs was to be certified as a dog groomer. As an adult, here in St. Augustine, FL, I fulfilled my childhood dream, when Jericho, an eight-week old Timber Wolf, nudged his way into my heart. What a magnificent animal! What a wonderful experience. That’s when I realized, dreams do come true!

Thirty years ago, during the restoration of historic St. George Street, in St. Augustine, I noticed there was a need for night security. I acquired two young German Shepherds, Reno and Shadow. Using a second-hand book on guard dog training, within months the three of us had jobs!

After that, I tried night security at St. Augustine Alligator Farm, private security, and massage therapy. Something was missing. There was always that need to work with animals. I decided that this time, I wanted to do it the right way. That’s when I found ABC.

Within a month of committing to the program, I was diagnosed with cancer. The doctors at the Mayo Clinic informed me that to increase my chances to survive, I would have to have a kidney removed. I was stunned! There was no question about what needed to be done. The surgery was a must. Completing the program did not seem to fit into my unexpectedly revised schedule. I thought I would have to give up my dream, and quit the program.

ABC was great! They told me not to worry. They would work with me, and to take whatever time I needed to fully recover.

My animals helped me through those six hard months. Currently, I am owned by two dogs, Sugar Bear, my Australian Shepherd, who was hit by a van and believed by her previous owners, to be “dead” for 2 hours. Pandora, my Catahoula Leopard-Chow mix, the sole survivor of a litter used as pit bull bait. Thelma & Louise are my extraordinary felines, both Humane Society rescues. Plus, two birds, Einstein, a 13 year old Monk parakeet, whom I have had since he was practically an egg. Last, but not least, much to my chagrin, there is SKREECH!, a Nanday Conure, who flew out of a tree in front of our house, and straight to us! If you have never heard one, trust me, they never let you forget they are around!

It took me a bit longer than planned, to finish the program. I am so glad I did not give up. I am now looking forward to helping people and their dogs, create that friendship of a lifetime.

I will be giving special consideration to rescue cases, in an effort to help relieve the number of unwanted dogs in shelters. After having the scare of my life, I know how important is to have that incredible relationship with a dog. I would like everyone to experience the joy of it.

Thank you ABC.


Dale Blake
Treasurer - Florida Doggie Paws Rescue

I have always been interested in working with dogs as long as I can remember. I always had a dog growing up and now I have five. I first became involved with volunteering with a rescue over four years ago and recently formed Florida Doggie Paws with friends. One of the main reasons I was interested in learning to be a trainer was to help the dogs that come into the rescue.

I chose Animal Behavior College because I was impressed by how thorough the course is. I really enjoyed the "hands on" part and my instructor was fantastic. She really made the classes enjoyable and I learned so much from her. Everyone at ABC were helpful and supportive, especially my program manager.

I have been using what I've learned to help people with their adopted dogs and to work with my fosters. It has almost eliminated the need for dogs to be returned to the rescue. I also have a spot on our website where I give training tips, I really enjoy doing that. I plan to start a pet sitting / dog training business and continue working with rescue dogs.


Cher and Dennis Alexander
Owners of Bright Future Obedience and Search and Rescue

We are life long dog owners and breeders. We have raised and bred Golden Retrievers and now work in Search and Rescue with our German Shepherds, Greta and Morgan. Some of Dennis' experience comes from being a dog handler in Vietnam. The ABC course was an enjoyable and enlightening experience. It was also challenging, and it’s so rewarding to now be ABC certified. Our goal is to bring quality obedience training to our rural North-East Wisconsin area. We are now conducting group and private lessons. We have just started our dog training business, Bright Future Obedience and Search and Rescue Training.


John E. Brown
Dog Trainer and Pet Care Technician

My first career was as an Engineer; my second a Financial Advisor, neither of which were very fulfilling to me. I decided to follow my love of and passion for dogs and become a professional dog trainer. The education that I received from Animal Behavior College gave me the knowledge and experience to feel confident about helping people train their dogs.

The home study portion went into great detail regarding not only dog training, but the dog training business. The mentorship portion was a great opportunity to learn hands-on skills from an accomplished trainer. During the volunteer phase, I was able to help some dogs at the local humane society and meet many other dog-passionate people. Lastly, the final exam was a great review and tied it all together.

I now work as a Pet Care Technician and conduct group obedience classes in a dog daycare. I also provide private training lessons for pet parents who would like an individualized program. Because of my volunteer work, I teach obedience classes for the people that adopt Humane Society dogs. I hold certificates as an ABKA Level One Pet Care Technician and in Pet First Aid and I am a registered member of the APDT and the ABKA.

It is such a great feeling when I can help a family with their “problem dog” and I see their reaction when, with the proper guidance, their dog becomes a well behaved family member.

Thank you ABC. I have recommended you to others who have inquired about becoming a dog trainer.


Robert Meyer
Owner of Canine Behavior Services LLC

Animal Behavior College has been such a positive learning experience for me to turn my hobby life into a professional career.

I plan to use the skills and knowledge ABC has helped me to improve upon to continue working with dogs. Eventually, I plan to grow my small business of private lessons to one of a larger scale. I wish to open a facility focusing on behavior and educating the general public as well as opening a full kennel and canine exercise center.

Thanks to Animal Behavior College, I have the confidence to reach for my goals, knowing I have an education and certification respected throughout the canine industry.


Tonia Woods-Wilson
Owner of Anytime Canine LLC

I have always been fanatical about animals of all kind but particularly dogs. I have always had a dog and I thought that one day I would become a veterinarian. Instead, I went to college, majored in biology and focused on aquatic sciences. I taught high school for 9 years but never did I forget about my passion for dogs.

I began volunteering at my veterinarian and taking my students to the local animal rescue league for community services. I became an Animal Behavior College student soon after. Twelve months later I graduated. I thoroughly enjoyed the externship portion of the course. I thought the volunteer work enriched my knowledge about the plight of homeless animals and encouraged me to educate others. I have opened my own training business in Washington, D.C., Anytime Canine LLC. ABC has allowed me to finally persue my lifelong dream of working with dogs everyday. Thanks ABC!


Mindy Marzinsky
Project Manager & Owner of K9 Friends Positive Dog Training

When you volunteer at an animal shelter it doesn't take long to realize the rate of dogs surrendered is much greater than dogs adopted. Most dogs are surrendered because they are just being dogs. It would break my heart every time I heard something like "he destroyed our backyard and we just can't handle him". There is no such thing as 'loose leash' or 'not a chew toy' in dog language. I decided to try to make a difference for these dogs by becoming a trainer to educate people about dogs.

My hope is to help humans understand dogs and to teach them positive techniques for training their own dogs. The trickle affect will hopefully be less dogs surrendered to live in a cement kennel or worse.

I found ABC online and the course structure seemed to fit perfect with my goals. I still work full time as Project Manager so my spare time is nights and weekends. I met great people at Animal Behavior College and I feel I received thorough training. The trainer I apprenticed with was top notch.

Starting my own business was a first for me. The pride I felt after the first class was elating. Receiving the first picture from a student with their diploma was wonderful. I offer group and private sessions and work with a rescue group.

I have three dogs, Riley, a Border Collie/Shepherd mix, Eli, a Chow Chow mix and Angie, a Yorkshire Terrier. Riley has his CDC and is my demo dog. He lives for classes where he can show off and get treats. He is one of the smartest and most challenging dogs I have ever lived with. The techniques I learned from ABC has helped us to live with a manageable amount of chaos.

Thank you ABC for all your help!


Denise Calcagno

I have always had a love for animals and all my life I have wanted to work with them. I was the kid growing up that was always pulling for the animals in the movie rather than the humans! (Okay I still do!!) While doing some internet research on animal obedience training, I stumbled upon Animal Behavior College and couldn’t pass up the opportunity and the flexibility of being able to work around my full time work schedule in the convenience of my own house. My favorite part was the externship at the local animal shelters. I really felt that I made an impact on those dogs’ lives and assisted in making them better companions for a life in a happy home - forever. I will continue to volunteer at local animal shelters.

I am excited to start my career. I am considering working for the Guide Dog Foundation. Nothing is set in stone yet, but there are so many things I can do. It is rewarding to know that I have the capability of training a dog that will become someone’s best friend.


Shelley Moniz

After spending years in Corporate America, Shelley Moniz decided to leave the hustle and bustle of the “Big City” to pursue a lifelong dream of caring for and training dogs. She has been working with animals since her childhood. Growing up, she took part in raising 13 inch hunting beagles with her family and developed a strong affinity for animals. She is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth and Animal Behavior College. Through her studies she has gained useful knowledge in the business field as well as dog training and behavior modification.

As an ABC student, she apprenticed with a local dog behaviorist in Massachusetts and began laying the groundwork for starting her own doggy daycare, grooming and training facility located in Fairhaven, MA. Ms. Moniz is fully certified in Pet First Aid & CPR. She has also attended many pet related seminars to further her knowledge. She owns two Parson Russell Terriers and a Yellow Lab.


Pam Brown
Owner of Dog’s Day Out

I began volunteering at my local humane society in Bowling Green, Kentucky several years ago walking dogs, bathing dogs, and participating in fund raising events. With the work I did at the shelter, my connection with dogs seemed to grow stronger as did my desire to help them. During this time, I also began to take one of my own dogs to the nursing facility where I work in the Physical Therapy department. As I witnessed the change an animal can make in a person’s day, I decided I wanted to further my knowledge about dogs and enable myself to help people enhance their own lives through a great relationship with a pet. ABC provided me with a wonderful learning experience which even included an externship at my local shelter. I have been able to continue my work at the humane society by offering help to those giving a shelter dog a home. I hope to make this transition easier for the dog and the owner.

I have also em“barked” on another adventure. I will soon be opening a doggie daycare, boarding, and training facility in Bowling Green. I have dreamed of opening a place like this for years, but felt the responsible thing to do was achieve certification in dog training first in order to provide the best care for dogs while they are under my watch. As my experience continues, and I become confident with the human/dog relationship, I would like to combine my dog training career and my physical therapy career to train service animals and therapy dogs.

I hope to be a person that can help interpret a dog’s language and needs to people so we can communicate with them and have happy, healthy relationships with our pets. It’s the least we can do for them since our dogs do amazing things for us everyday without a second thought!


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