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Jeri Finley
Certified Dog Groomer and Owner of "Pet Stop of Canton, LLC"

After reviewing many sites and talking to the personnel at the schools, I decided on ABC due to the friendly and positive attitudes and the clarity of information I was given. Whenever I had a question and I sent an email, I received an answer the same day or the next due to the time difference. I love animals and would love to be able to share them with others. When dogs are well-behaved, they can be enjoyed by the owner and company. I am a Certified Dog Groomer and now a graduate of ABC and want to expand into training therapy dogs to visit hospitals, schools, nursing homes etc. I am also a foster parent with Small Paws Rescue, and foster Bichon Frises until a home can be found for them. As many come from puppy mills and are not use to people I am now better prepared to train these little darlings to overcome their shyness and fears and help them to become a loving member of a family. Rocky, my friend’s Boerboel South African Mastiff, and I recently became certified under Therapy Dog International to start visitations. He is also a Canine Good Citizens Award winner. I could not have done this without ABC. With the knowledge I learned from ABC I was able to train Rocky for this myself and just took him to the evaluation and passed both on the first attempt. I want to continue so that I can become a certified evaluator for the Canine Good Citizens and Therapy Dog testing.


Mary Kalista
Human Resource Assistant and Owner of "Puppy Perfection in Progress Dog Training"

I work full time and was looking for a flexible education. After researching other schools I chose ABC. Their curriculum and hands-on experience is outstanding. Thanks ABC for the right tools to pursue my dream and career in dog training.


Amy Clements
Instructor, University of Central Missouri and Trainer of Dog Obedience Group

After finding every possible way to take my two dogs with me to work, I decided that I needed to find a way to make my work revolve around dogs. I came to the conclusion that no matter which arena of the dog world I decided to work in, I needed to have a good understanding of how dogs communicate along with a foundation of positive training methods. I started researching various training programs when I ran across ABC’s website. The program ABC offered was exactly what I was looking for. Not only did it teach you how to understand, communicate with, and train dogs… it taught you the basics of starting your own business. I was impressed by the layout and flexibility of the program, and once I spoke with an ABC Admissions Counselor, I knew the program was the perfect fit for me.

Now that I have finished the ABC program, I am looking forward to a career working with dogs. I am currently training with the Dog Obedience Group out of Blue Springs, Missouri and dream of opening a dog boarding, training, and recreation center. Dogs are amazing creatures. I believe we have barely tapped into their potential. They have an uncanny way of making people smile and continually inspire me with their devotion, unique abilities, and undeniable love. Now, it’s my turn to return the favor and improve the lives of dogs just as they have mine.


Angelika Lynch
Computer Graphic Designer and Owner of "Leader of the Pack"

I grew up in Switzerland. My mother had a huge organic vegetable garden which contained, to my sister's horror and my very delight, a myriad of creepy-crawlies and a family of hedgehogs. At a very early age, nothing could get my attention faster than some critter; little or large never mattered. Soon I begged my parents for a dog. “NO!” they told me. I always had a pet grasshopper, a June bug, a frog or something in a jar. I kept asking for a dog. “NO!” I started walking my neighbors’ dogs instead. Everybody loved that, me most of all. By the time I started high school, I gave up asking for the dog. They were not going to let me have one! After high school I went to a business school and graduated with a degree in Office Management and Book Keeping. I still can't believe I did that. The only good thing about those fields was that they paid well.

When I was 22 I finally got my first dog, a German Shepherd that I named Kaya. I found an ad in the monthly farmer's journal, “German Shepherd puppies for sale, show and pet quality.” I hopped on a train, then a bus, and then walked quite a long ways to that farm. The lady let me play with them in their pen all afternoon before I took Kaya home. I was in heaven. Kaya and I traveled for six months all over Morocco. He was such a sport. In 1984, both of us came to Alaska for a visit. We stayed. What a paradise! Kaya died at age 10, the first big loss in my life. A few months later we were given a Buddy, a clownish Border Collie. I also got my first Irish Wolfhound, who I immediately fell for. By then I had started a business in computer graphic design, which I still own and work in now.

My husband Chris and I now have two Border Collies, one Irish Wolfhound and three extremely large and loud parrots. Surfing through “Dogworld” on the internet, I discovered Animal Behavior College. I got very excited right away. I called and talked for a long time with my Admissions Counselor, Olivia, and I signed up the next day. In those ten months I learned the world about dogs from ABC. I volunteered at the local animal shelter, and probably will from now on. I just finished and am proud to say I am an ABC Certified Dog Trainer. My goal for now is to help people solve problems they have with their dogs. With the extensive and fabulous training I got from ABC I feel very confident and able to fade out of the desk work and build a new career as a dog trainer. My new dog training business is called "Leader of the Pack."


Laura Salamina
Owner of "Performance Dog Training"

I've always enjoyed having dogs in my life. Now that I've raised a family of ten I can relax and enjoy working with my little furry friends. I believe a dog is not only a pet, but has a job to do, including but not limited to companionship, agility, tracking,
obedience, search and rescue.

I chose ABC because it has the most comprehensive program. With what I have accomplished by going through this program I plan to take further in my dog career. ABC sets a solid foundation and many resources to further in career advancement. With my dogs Lucy and Sprinter, I have already started them in some areas as obedience, companionship, agility, and tracking.

My job is something I love and enjoy, working with rescues or shelters to help dogs find forever homes.


Donna D. Savoie, CPDT
Owner of "Pack of Paws" Dog Training, ABC Honors Graduate

I’m Donna Savoie in Charlton Massachusetts and I am a proud honor graduate of Animal Behavior College.

My goal for professional dog training is to help people solve problems they have with their dogs while inspiring them to have fun.

In 2005 I adopted a four-month-old German Shepherd from a farm. As time went on it was clear that she had a temperament that I had no experience with and I had plenty of practical experience. This dog, as sweet and obedient as she is to our family, had no tolerance for people or other dogs. At about 10 months old she was showing signs of aggression in our home toward guests. So, I took her to obedience training, twice, and started reading a lot of books. There is so much conflicting information out there that it can be very confusing. I was fortunate enough to find 2 trainers who focused on classical/operant conditioning. They taught “how dogs learn,” “why,” and “learning by association.” They showed eternal patience toward both my dog and me. After 14 weeks of their class, I was inspired to continue learning about behavior AND I finally knew what to look for. I found ABC and enrolled; it was what I was looking for.

Through the curriculum and through my AWESOME ABC mentor, Michelle Payson, I learned “How Dogs Learn” and how to train dogs using positive motivational methods while having fun. I learned how to begin solving problems and can help people with theirs. Michelle helped me develop as a dog trainer in all aspects and really boosted my self-confidence. Now I help others, showing them eternal patience and empathy. Educating people in “how dogs learn” so that they can teach their dog not only basic obedience, but manage problems is very rewarding. I teach people the foundations to a GREAT relationship with their dogs and how to improve their handling abilities so that they feel comfortable enough to take their dogs places and to activities. It is so great to see people smile with their dogs, especially if I helped that smile emerge.

The feedback from my classes has been great! My classes are fun and educational. If people are having fun, they will apply what they learn for a very long time. Michelle and I have done a class together where we taught obedience cues and some agility moves. Class was a huge hit in the community.

I still continue my education through seminars, DVDs, books and through networking with top trainers and interesting people. Now I help many people to love their dogs more, to have a better relationship with their dogs and to HAVE MORE FUN with their dogs. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Thanks ABC, and thanks Michelle!


Nicole Kibler
Owner of "An Educated Dog"

I've loved dogs and cats since I was a child. After retiring from the corporate world at a young age, I wanted to stay busy and couldn't think of anything I would rather do that would be as rewarding as being a dog trainer.

I spent a lot of time researching several dog training schools. I chose ABC because I liked the curriculum they offered very much, the flexibility of the program and the price. I appreciated how they assigned a Program Manager to me who would monitor my efforts in completing the work and exams. I also liked how they assigned an Externship Coordinator to me who located a mentor in the city I lived in so that I could complete my externship of hands-on training with various dogs.

I was even able to train my own dog, my Puggle Sparky, while completing my externship with ABC. He was a great student. Since he and my Pug, Dumplin, live in the same household, Dumplin was able to benefit from Sparky's training as well.

It was truly a positive experience throughout the program. I found my Program Manager and Externship Coordinator to always be available to me whenever I had questions. Everyone at ABC that I came in contact with was very pleasant, professional and responsive.

Since graduating, I have started a dog training business, “An Educated Dog” Obedience and Behavior Modification Training. I now have a website and am beginning to make marketing calls. Although it's in the beginning stages, I am very excited about working with owners and their dogs. I am retired from the corporate world and dog training is now my full-time hobby and business.


Rosemary Boggs

I have always had a passion for animals. When I saw the curriculum at Animal Behavior College, I knew I came to the right place! The three phrases of the ABC program and nine stages of the ABC curriculum were outstanding and well-organized. This was the best-structured online class. Thank you ABC for giving me the tools to pursue my dreams and career in private dog training and dog daycare.


Michelle Canard
Home Maker and Dog Trainer

I chose ABC because it was the best school I could find in the nation. The material is very through and easy to understand. This program ensures that upon graduation you will know how to dog train successfully. The people are really caring and helpful.

I plan on giving private lessons and possibly teaching group classes. I own a male toy poodle named Lucky and a female Siberian husky named Jade. Lucky came from a neglectful pet store, so I brought him home to give him a better life. Lucky has since graduated basic obedience class at a junior college. I call him my college grad. Jade was purchased from a breeder. I had originally wanted a male, but Jade was so dominant aggressive. I didn't want Jade to be adopted by someone who wouldn't know how to handle her, and I didn't want to see her have to be re-homed. So, I chose Jade instead of the male puppy. I am happy to say that Jade is not dominant aggressive today. Both of my dogs are now happy, healthy, and trained.

Thank you ABC for giving me the skills and experience to be able to train my dogs and start a career!


Petrena Hayes

I chose ABC after much searching and asking questions. I found that there weren't very many dog trainers who were certified, or programs that offered certification. I wanted to have the correct information and techniques to offer my clients. While asking around, many people in the dog training world had high regards for ABC and their staff. After speaking extensively with the staff, I felt that this was the right place for me.

My experience throughout the program has been interesting. I've learned so much! In fact, even though it would have broken my heart, I considered putting my dog down two years ago because she was extremely aggressive and I was afraid she may bite someone. After enrolling and reading the literature from ABC, I started applying it to my own situation. I was amazed at how easy it was to correct years of mistakes I had made with my dog!

I hope to further my education with ABC in the field of behavior and dogs.

After the experience I've had with my own dog, I hope to help others avoid having to put their dogs down because of behavior problems. I now realize it's very possible to save dogs from this fate, because I've done it.


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