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Elena Meyer ABCDT, ABCVA

Media & PR Contact
  Angela Peña, Director of Media and Public Relations
  888-338-7778 (direct)
Wednesday, September 01, 2010 : 8:56:52 AM
Elena Meyer needed to find a career college that would fit her unique lifestyle as a military spouse. Elena and her husband, who is currently stationed in Fairbanks, Alaska are often relocated making flexibility a must.

As a child, Elena was not allowed to have pets. After she got married she got her first dog, Maya, a Jack Russell Terrier to keep her company while her husband was underway. Elena took Maya to basic obedience classes and feel in love with the whole training process. She even took it a step further and began to train Maya for agility, a dog sport where the handler and the dog compete as a team through a complex obstacle course. From that point on, Elena was hooked; she knew she had found her calling and actively began researching career opportunities working with animals.

In order to find the right school, Elena began to search for a animal career college and was thrilled to finally find Animal Behavior College, Inc. (ABC),. ABC’s flexible course structure allowed Elena to study from home and complete her hands-on training at a location near her. This meant that regardless of when or where her family was relocated to, her studies would never be affected.

Since ABC specializes in animal career courses and offers three exciting programs: Certified Dog Trainer, Certified Veterinary Assistant and Certified Pet Groomer, Elena knew it was the school she had been searching for. She enrolled in both ABC’s Dog Trainer and Veterinary Assistant courses in August of 2009.

Elena was excited to start her coursework right away. This was a very prudent choice as there are, according to the American Pet Products Manufacturing Association, (APPMA), 77.5 million dogs owned in the United States with 71.4 million families spending almost 45.5 billion dollars in 2009 alone on their pets. This means that Elena chose a highly marketable and portable career that she can pursue wherever she is stationed.

While going through the Certified Dog Trainer course, Elena says that she benefited the most from learning how to read a dog’s body language as it is a window into what a dog is actually feeling. This has made her a successful trainer. In fact, Elena has helped numerous owners work with their unruly dogs and is personally responsible for ensuring many dogs are kept in their homes, rather then being relinquished to a shelter.

While studying to become a Certified Veterinary Assistant, Elena was able to learn about the medical side of pet care. This was another wise choice as there are an estimated over 21,000 veterinary hospitals to care for those 77.5 million dogs mentioned earlier in the United States alone. These career choices mean that Elena will be trained on relevant portable careers that she can utilize anywhere in the country.

Aside from her studies, Elena was also fostering homeless dogs at her house. An unfortunate fight between two of the dogs brought Elena to the Animal Emergency and Referral Center of El Paso Texas were she met with Dr. Koplos, one of the owners of the clinic. After introducing herself and telling him she was a student at ABC, Elena was later hired to work at the clinic.

Elena is grateful to have found ABC and the veterinary staff she met along the way. Her personal Program Managers, Angela and Penny, were there to guide her through each step of the two programs. They granted her due date extensions when she needed them and worked with her through her several relocations. "I would definitely recommend ABC to someone like me," she says, "the program was flexible and they really understand military families."

Now that she has a career working in the veterinary field, Elena still plans to continue her dog training business, when the weather permits.

Thanks to the ABC, Elena managed to find a dream career that can move with her, no matter where military life takes her.