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Ashley Jeanes ABCDT

Media & PR Contact
  Angela Peña, Director of Media and Public Relations
  888-338-7778 (direct)
Wednesday, September 01, 2010 : 8:54:27 AM
Updated Wednesday, September 01, 2010 : 8:55:12 AM
Ashley Jeanes, ABCDT, and a recent graduate of Animal Behavior College’s Certified Dog Obedience Instructor Training Program has always professed a lifetime passion for dogs. In 2004, Ashley found herself in a position to reassess her career as a Veterinarian Technician and was ready to embark on a new specialty in the animal industry. Ashley is not only a busy mother of three who decided to go back to school, but is also the wife of Sean Jeanes, who has been serving in the United States Army for the past ten years.

It was through her professional experience in the animal industry that Ashley knew the right career path for her was as a Professional Dog Trainer. She proudly opened the doors to her new business, K-9 Connection Dog Training & Behavior Services, in 2004. Some of the services she offers include: training classes, breed selection services, Canine Good Citizen and Star Puppy tests, along with CPR and first aid training.

Although business was good, in 2009 Ashley felt the need to add credibility to her company which she knew would attract more customers. She decided to increase her professionalism and become a Certified Dog Obedience Trainer. However, Ashley knew that the traditional classroom setting would not work for her. As a mother caring for three young children and several pets, often without the aid of her husband because of deployment, Ashley needed a vocational course that would fit her hectic schedule. She also needed a course that would allow her to study from anywhere in the United States, regardless of where her husband was relocated to next. Since money was tight, the program Ashley chose needed to be affordable as well.

Because of her previous knowledge of the animal industry, Ashley was well prepared to carefully research and select the best program out there.

Animal Behavior College’s (ABC) Certified Dog Obedience Instructor Training Program met all of Ashley’s requirements and needs. “ABC’s online study program with a hands-on portion was exactly what I needed,” Ashley said. “I could still make dinner, put the kids to bed, and then study, even at midnight.”

Furthermore, Animal Behavior College is approved by the Military Spouse Career Advancement Account (MyCAA) to accept funding for the spouses of active duty military who want to continue their education. Ashley was able to use her MyCAA benefits to pay for 100 of her college tuition. “I could not have taken the ABC program without the MyCAA,” said Ashley.

ABC is proud to announce that Ashley is the first MyCAA student to graduate as an ABC Certified Dog Trainer. Even more impressive is the fact that Ashley graduated with honors, showing a level of discipline and dedication that makes ABC proud to have her as a member of their pack.

“Having the certification will make me stand out amongst the competition, especially since I graduated with honors,” explains Ashley. “Everybody in the dog world has heard of you [ABC], and so it speaks volumes for me and gives me an edge up on the competition. I expect my business to increase 25-30 because of my certification, especially with the added free advertising I will receive on the ABC national website.”

Even though Ashley was already a dog trainer and business owner, she found the “Business Building” stage of the program to be very useful. “This section had so much helpful information,” said Ashley. In addition, she was impressed with the amount of technical dog training terminology she learned. “Overall, the course had a lot of learning theory and verbiage, which helps when you are talking to students. It shows that you know what you are talking about and sounds professional,” said Ashley.

As a part of the ABC Certified Dog Obedience Instructor Training Program, each student is required to complete a hands-on externship. This externship is done with a professional dog trainer at an on-site location after students complete their in-home study stages. For Ashley, the externship was a priceless opportunity. ”My Mentor Trainer, Glenda Herrin, was fantastic,” Ashley said, “She was very friendly, [and] made the externship fun. We used to joke that we were separated at birth! If I had stayed in the same town she was in, we were talking about starting a business together, and expanding, but my husband got moved [from Texas to Washington State].”

Thanks to Animal Behavior College’s Certified Dog Obedience Instructor Training Program and MyCAA, Ashley was able to get the professional certification she needed to help increase her business in an industry she loves.