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A Common Love of Dogs – Peggy Vennebush, ABCDT and Diane Desrosiers, ABCDT

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Wednesday, December 03, 2008 : 3:00:03 PM
Peggy and Diane were two strangers with a common love for animals who both enrolled at Animal Behavior College (ABC) to pursue a career in dog training. Little did they know that a year later, they would end up being successful business partners and close friends.

Diane’s passion for training goes as far back as when she was a little girl who taught her dog to carry her sandals for her. She later began volunteering at her local animal shelter when she realized that so many dogs were being surrendered by their owners due to behavior problems. She knew that she wanted to help those dogs and to be able to show their owners that there was another way. When Diane found ABC on the internet, she thought to herself, “This is what I want to do, this is my dream.”

After enrolling at ABC in January 2005, Diane began her in-home study portion of the ABC program. She recalls that the curriculum was amazing, it was filled with the latest training techniques, was easy to follow and taught her how to better understand canine behavior and body language. It provided her with a good background and “gave me the tools to be successful,” she explained. Once she finished the home-study portion of the program, it was time for Diane’s hands-on externship training, which is where she met her future partner and friend, Peggy.

Peggy had always had a true love for animals; in fact she spent most of her childhood surrounded by them. She knew that she was meant to work with them but wasn’t quite sure on how to pursue her dream.

When Peggy came across ABC, she was extremely impressed with all the great information she found. After enrolling at ABC in October 2004, Peggy really began to understand canine behavior and training. “I always thought I knew how to train dogs until I went through the ABC program,” said Peggy. When she finished her home-study portion of the program, Peggy was set up with a Mentor Trainer in her area that would do her hands-on training; this is where she met Diane.

Peggy and Diane had an exhilarating experience working with their Mentor Trainer, Terri Mallett. With Terri’s vast dog training experience, she guided Peggy and Diane down the path to becoming knowledgeable and skilled dog trainers. Once Peggy and Diane started applying all they had learned at home while studying the ABC curriculum, everything began to fall into place. Their externship not only gave them valuable hands-on training, but was also where their great partnership formed. From that point on, they knew that it was time to follow their passion and establish the careers they had always dreamed of.

Diane and Peggy both had a natural love for dogs; this made them a great team. After going through the “Business Building” section of the curriculum and graduating from ABC, they decided to open their own training business, Down River Dogs, in the spring of 2006. They were proud of their certifications and were excited to exhibit their knowledge of positive dog training methods to their clients.

Today, Peggy and Diane teach both group classes and do private lessons with their clients while their business continues to grow. They are successful for so many reasons, one being their great partnership. Not only do they compliment each other very well, they both get great satisfaction out of showing owners that their dogs are indeed trainable and help keep them in loving homes.

In their spare time, Peggy and Diane also volunteer training time at their local shelter and even had an article written about them in "The Heritage Newspaper." Peggy and Diane know how important it is to make training fun; they keep their classes positive and try to educate not only the dogs, but the owners too. The strong foundation they received from ABC along with their great love for dogs makes them both great trainers.

“We owe ABC our thanks. They gave us the tools to start our successful business,” said Diane.