Patient and Positive – Brett Ferguson, ABCDT and Cara Ferguson, ABCDT

Wednesday, December 03, 2008 : 3:43:01 PM
Brett and Cara Ferguson, ABCDT are the proud owners of their own dog training business, “Dogs Gone Good.” Their lives are a lot different today from what they were at this time last year.

Like many other aspiring actors, Cara came out to California to pursue an acting career. She was working at a nail salon while Brett had a career as a as a high school English teacher. Time went by and Cara discovered that acting was not what she truly wanted to do. An avid animal lover, Cara watched a lot of the Animal Planet TV channel. She slowly became captivated by animals and realized that she wanted to work with them. After much searching, Cara came across Animal Behavior College (ABC). She had found what she was looking for, and she wanted to become a Certified Dog Trainer.

While she studied the curriculum, Cara’s husband, Brett, looked over her shoulder and was inspired by the program’s material. Brett wanted to work with animals when he was younger and had also dreamt of owning his own business. Shortly after Cara enrolled, Brett also became a student at ABC.

The ABC course proved to be very eye-opening for Brett and Cara. They were learning to identify the mistakes they had made in the past with their own dogs and were realizing why certain methods didn’t work. They learned a lot about problem solving and treating behavior problems in dogs. The ABC curriculum started from the beginning, explaining the evolution of dogs to the domestic animals they are today. This, Brett says, has been extremely helpful in understanding dogs and explaining their behavior to their owners.

Once Brett and Cara finished the in-home study portion of the program, ABC set them up with a nearby mentor training to do their hands-on externship with them. They were able to see and learn from the experts while they worked in real-life training situations. Brett and Cara were set up with professional trainer named Julie Beller, ABCDT, who teaches nine group classes a week as well as private in-home training lessons. They were able to work their hands-on training around their jobs and attend their externship after work.

Brett and Cara were extremely pleased with ABC’s method of training. They learned to be patient and positive while training. “The best thing about the program is when you’re going to someone’s home, you see them getting frustrated and you can step in and get results that they’ve never gotten before. The clients are amazed and want to learn more. ABC taught us that,” says Brett.

It has been a few months since Brett and Cara graduated from Animal Behavior College. They left their previous jobs and have opened their own dog training business, “Dogs Gone Good” where they teach private lessons and are hoping to incorporate group classes. Brett and Cara are doing something they never thought they would be doing – owning their own business as Certified Dog Trainers.

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