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A Hero to Dogs Everywhere – Ann King, ABCDT

Media & PR Contact
  Angela Peña, Director of Media and Public Relations
  888-338-7778 (direct)
Wednesday, December 03, 2008 : 3:39:54 PM
After volunteering at animal shelters for the past 20 years, Ann King, ABCDT, has truly become a hero to every dog she has had the chance to work with.

Ann has spent much of her time volunteering at local shelters working with their dog training programs. The goal of these programs is to help rehabilitate shelter dogs to increase their chance of being adopted. Ann has been generous enough to contribute her time to reputable organizations like the San Francisco Humane Society where she gained priceless training experience.

Ann was raised with dogs and always had them in her life. She had always been fascinated with them and was the one everyone went to with their pet-related questions. After being appointed the official "Dog Lady" amongst her family and friends, Ann decided it was time to take her passion to the next level; she was going to become an ABC Certified Dog Trainer.

Ann enrolled at Animal Behavior College (ABC) in April 2006. The fact that the curriculum was so detailed and well-written was a major selling point for her. Ann was pleased with the program because, "It put a lot of my natural instincts about dog behavior into the context of training," she says. She loved that the program was so flexible and that it worked around her schedule. Ann liked that the curriculum was very tightly written and that it did a great job of explaining things without being overwhelming.

After Ann completed her in-home study portion of the ABC program, it was time for her to begin her externship. This is where ABC set her up with a Mentor Trainer in her area to do hands-on training with her. Like many people, Ann learns best by observing; the externship brought the curriculum to life for her and gave her a well-rounded and complete education. With a solid education and her certification behind her, Ann now had the confidence to go out and promote her services as an ABC Certified Dog Trainer.

Ann graduated from the ABC program earlier this month and is now the owner of her dog training business, CompliantK9. She trains about three days a week working with several different dogs a day. She still continues to donate her time to local shelters in need and does consultations for the dogs there and helps them find the most appropriate homes.

What makes Ann such a successful dog trainer is her apparent passion when she talks about dogs; it comes naturally to her and she can easily relate to her clients. She is dedicated to helping make a difference and offers discounted and free training to newly-adopted shelter dogs. Ann is constantly encouraging people to adopt from shelters and has even developed her own survey that matches dog owners with the ideal breed of dog for their lifestyle.

Ann is a true superhero to all the dogs she has helped and ABC is proud to have her as a member of their pack.