Making a Difference in the Lives of Homeless Dogs – Joshua Cederbaum, ABCDT

Wednesday, December 03, 2008 : 3:37:55 PM
As far as young entrepreneurs go, Joshua Cederbaum is definitely top dog. Joshua enrolled at Animal Behavior College (ABC) last year shortly after graduating college with a degree in liberal arts. Like many recent college graduates, he wasn’t quite sure what he wanted to do after he graduated. What he did know was that he had a passion for working with dogs, and that was enough to motivate him to pursue a career as a professional dog trainer.

While researching, Joshua was excited to find that ABC’s Certified Dog Obedience Instructor Training Program was extremely flexible and worked around his schedule. “The program is flexible; it’s a good school for somebody who is working somewhere else and wants to do this part time. It gives a great foundation to start with. Experience will do the rest. I think it’s great for someone starting off that doesn’t know much about training,” said Joshua.

Joshua was able to work on the in-home study segment of the ABC curriculum from home at his own pace. The theoretical portion helped give him a well-rounded understanding of dog training, behavior modification and problem solving. He learned a lot of the technical aspects of dog training that helped mold him into the successful trainer he has become.

After Joshua completed the in-home study portion of his studies, it was time for him to do his hands-on externship. ABC set Joshua up at a local animal shelter where he met with a professional dog trainer who did hands-on training with him. They worked together for several weeks focusing on shelter dog training, which is what Joshua was keenly interested in.

While working at the shelter, Joshua was able to build a strong relationship with the staff which proved to be valuable in the future. Upon his graduation from the ABC program late last year, Joshua was off to a running start.

Joshua started his own dog training business called “Doggy Tales” in West Orange, New Jersey. He mainly works with shelter dogs and works with about three clients a day, six days out of the week!

He is currently the shelter trainer for three shelters in New Jersey. Every dog that is adopted out from these three shelters comes along with Joshua’s pre-assembled information in their adoption packet. In addition, some shelters even require that newly-adopted dogs attend private training with Joshua as part of their adoption agreement. This means that every one of these new pet parents has Joshua’s training business recommended to them, and approximately 12-15 adoptions take place every week!

Joshua is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of shelter dogs and gives newly-adopted dogs a 15% discount off their private training lessons. In addition, he specializes in working with ex-fighting dogs in an attempt to rehabilitate them. As a result of his ABC Certification and experience, Joshua is able to take on clients that many other trainers turn down because the dogs may be too difficult or aggressive to work with.

Although Joshua has already become such a success in the dog training industry, he hasn’t stopped learning. In fact, he recently enrolled in ABC’s Certified Veterinary Assistant Training Program. Joshua feels that with this education, he will be better prepared to consult his clients on basic health facts. He also knows that by understanding animals physically, it will give him better insight on their behavior.

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