Founder of Florida Doggie Paws Rescue – Dale Blake, ABCDT

Wednesday, December 03, 2008 : 3:04:44 PM
Rescuing dogs has always been a passion for Dale Blake, recent graduate of Animal Behavior College. In fact, he is one of the many people who took his love for animals to the next level; he enrolled at ABC and is the co-founder of Florida Doggie Paws Rescue, a small dog rescue in his hometown of Tampa, Florida.

Blake didn’t have much dog training experience prior to enrolling at ABC in July of last year. However, while volunteering at his local animal shelter, he realized that he was constantly watching dogs being brought in because of behavior problems. Blake knew that there had to be a solution to this epidemic, and he wanted to help make a difference. He knew that with some simple obedience training, these dogs could have a chance of getting placed in positive, loving, permanent homes.

When Blake enrolled at ABC, he was excited to see how extensive the curriculum was. He loved that all the basic behavior problems were covered and that he was able to learn how to treat them all. The stage on behavior really gave him a solid foundation and has allowed him to venture off into more complex behavior issues.

Blake is grateful that he learned so much from the ABC curriculum. “My relationship with dogs has changed; I don’t look at them the same way anymore, and I understand where they are coming from a lot better now.” He said ABC was the only school to offer such a thorough and balanced curriculum with the inclusion of hands-on training.

When Blake had completed his study of the ABC curriculum and had finished all of his exams, he was excited about moving on to his externship. His Externship Coordinator set him up with a trainer in his area – Ann Farmer, CPDT. Blake attended group obedience training classes with Ann Farmer one night a week for several weeks and his skill level increased significantly. “I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor,” said Blake. He knew Ann had a wealth of knowledge to share. “I always tried to come to class early so that I could ask her questions."

Today, Blake has six dogs of his own, along with three that he fosters. Aside from the training he does for his rescue, he has also started his own pet sitting and dog training business. He’s even discovered that walking all eight of his beagles at once is a great way to advertise his dog training business. Since he started the rescue, he has personally fostered about seven dogs and his rescue in total has adopted out over 40 dogs! Blake offers training to his rescue dogs, something that sets him apart from most other rescues in his area. The dogs are properly trained when adopted out and therefore their chances of keeping a good home are better. “That is my goal,” says Blake.

Blake embraced his love of rescuing dogs and has truly made a difference. By enrolling in the ABC program, he became able to offer his rescue dogs and their new parents valuable training that makes all the difference in the world.

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