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Utah Dog Trainers
Karen Fleming, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Kanab, Utah 84741
Phone: (435) 819-0925
Profile: Hello:The methods and training solutions I use are based in calm, assertive training, combined with positive reinforcement and reward.

The training that I do is "in home", one on one, rather than group classes. I feel that by working one on one, there is a higher rate of success for you and your dog, as well as offering more personalized attention.

The services I offer are;
Basic obedience
Puppy programs
Problem solving
Behavior issues

Pricing are on a case to case basis, working with your budget. I do not have hourly pricing, since everyone's needs are different.

I offer training programs where I work with you and your dog once a week for either- two weeks, four weeks or six weeks for the program of your choosing. Most programs include a free in-home

Consultation/Evaluation before training and (1) one free follow up lesson 2-3 months after the program is over.

For your convenience-all major credit cards are accepted

"Improving and enriching the relationship between dogs and their owners through balanced training."
Amy Francis, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Park City, Utah 84098
Phone: 616-902-0205
Profile: I am dedicated to helping my clients understand their dog's basic needs to create a well balanced and obedient canine. All sessions take place in YOUR home based around YOUR schedule. My techniques are clear and effective because each training session is modified to the individual needs of my clients. My courses focus primarily on basic obedience and behavior modification.

As a dog trainer, it is my responsibility to educate all of my clients on dog behavior and psychology. When we gain a better understanding for how these animals are wired, we can then appropriately put together a plan of action for how to alter undesirable behaviors - utilizing positive reinforcement methods.

Dogs are such a beautiful addition to our families and ask only for proper exercise, leadership and affection in return!
Molli Baker, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Orem, Utah 84097
Phone: 8015926912
Alternate Phone: 8015926912
Profile: Teaching You to Teach Your Dog

Consultation sessions,
Personalized in home training sessions
Obedience Training
Problem Solving
Socialization Work
Temperament Testing
CGC Testing and Training
Serena Sliger, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
West Jordan, Utah 84081
Phone: 8019155901
Alternate Phone: 8019155901
Profile: I have recently just graduated from Animal Behavior College for Dog Training Certification.

However, I have been training and helping dogs of my own, friends, family, and shelter animals for many years now.

I am looking to get started and gain some great customer base and look towards a facility in the area in the future.
Julia Barklow, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Cottonwood Heights, Utah 84121
Phone: (801) 666-6260
Profile: ABCDT
Heather Sowle, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Park City, Utah 84098
Phone: 435/277-0122
Alternate Phone: 760/533-0675
Profile: Heather Sowle is a certified Canine Training Specialist. She received her certification from Animal Behavior College, where she studied canine learning theories and training techniques.

For two years prior to coming to Utah, Heather worked & volunteered for the San Diego Humane Society, gaining experience working with a large variety of dog breeds and behaviors.

As an adoptions counselor, she worked with shelter dogs to improve their behaviors and increase their adopt-ability.

Heather also counseled adopters on potential pet behaviors to ensure the best possible pet/owner match.Heather is the Resident Trainer on staff at Thorn Creek Kennel in Kamas, Utah, where she offers regular group training classes, private sessions and board & train services.
Russ Nielsen, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Spring City, Utah 84662
Phone: (435) 851-6983
Alternate Phone: (435) 462-0255
Profile: My name is Russ Nielsen and I am a graduate of Animal Behavior College where I earned my certification as an ABC Certified Dog Trainer.

Animal Behavior College (ABC) is approved by the Bureau for Private Post-secondary and Vocational Education and isaninternationally recognezed school. My year long commitment to this program has provided me with a formal education in canine obedience training and understanding behavior and its motives.

My certification, education and experience provide me the skills required to effectively and humanely train your dog while keeping alive the spark that makes your dog so special to you.

I also have additional certifications in Private Lessons and Shelter Training (see certificates below).

I work with all breeds and I look forward to working with you and your dog. I have been around different kind of dogs since I was a little boy. My Dad trained hunting dogs and show horses, roping horses, and race horses.

I have been around training for along time. I love animals. Some of the things I learned from training horses with my Dad work really well with dogs also.
Maureen Urpani, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Toquerviooe, Utah 84774
Profile: I offer Private lessons using positive motivational techniques. Enhance the harmony in your relationship with your four-legged friend by learning the gentle way to teach basic obedience commands and improve your skills to more easily prevent and deal with common behavior problems.
Barbara Neeley, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
North Ogden, Utah 84414
Phone: 801-710-6108
Profile: Bairbre Click "N" Paws Dog Training LLC

I will give you information on how to communicate with your dog, prevent behavior problems, puppy socialization, basic obedience, solving existing behavior problems, Canine Good Citizen,all with humane positive reinforcement methods. I would like to help you build a lasting bond between you and your companion. I'm a member of the APDT.
Melissa Payne, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Provo, Utah 84606
Phone: 801-377-1918
Alternate Phone: 801-471-8097
Profile: I offer a wide range of services including: dog walking, private lessons, pet sitting, obedience training, behavior solving and behavior modification.
Stephen Belcher, ABC Mentor Trainer, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
West Jordan, Utah 84088
Phone: 801-856-7699
Profile: Master Your Dog, Dog Training

Teaching dog owners to be pack leaders. Training through positive reinforcement. Have a deeper, more loyal relationship with your dog. I teach you how to become your dog's best friend. I offer private lessons in your home so you can learn how to teach trained response for most common behavioral issues. You and your dog are important to me, lets keep the dog!
Jaime Gardner, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
St. George, Utah 84780
Phone: 435-632-2655
Profile: b Dog Town Obedience Training /b

I provide private lessons where I come to your home to work one-on-one with your dog. We will work on basic obedience training, as well as other problem behaviors your dog has.

I have been ABC certified since 2006, and in 2011 became CPDT-KA certified. (Certified Professional Dog Trainer)

I love working with dogs and their families to help everyone fit into each others lives. Each dog is different and I love each new challenge.

If your dog needs help with sit, down, stay, come, walking on leash, bolting out the door, jumping, barking, fear, separation anxiety, aggression, or house training, DogTown is your answer!

Call me to train your dog today!
Amber Loosle, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Taylorsville, Utah 84118
Phone: 801-550-7771
Pawsitive Attitudes, LLC

Please contact me for more information. Thank you!
Rebecca Hansen, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Layton, Utah 84041
Phone: (801) 529-3177
Profile: Now accepting new clients in the Layton and surrounding areas. Please contact me for more information. If you don't get through to me, please leave your name, number and a brief message and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

I specialize in behavior modification and correction. I have worked with all breeds and mixes including breeds that many consider "aggressive," as well as puppies and rescued pets.
Jamie Flanders, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
West Jordan , Utah 84081
Phone: 801-273-3647
Profile: Jamie has been training for 5 years. She is currently training out of Calling All Dogs in Holladay. At Calling All Dogs, they use positive reinforcement methods only. This means the emphasis is on humanely teaching your dogs—with patience and fairness—exactly what we want from them.

Destiny Barnes, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
St. George, Utah 84770
Phone: 1-435-691-1096
Alternate Phone: 435-319-5556
Profile: Owner Of Destiny's Dog Training/ ABC Certified Dog Trainer

I was raised on a farm full of animals, all my life I grew a strong passion for dogs and wanted to learn all about them.

I have gained my education through Animal Behavior College and brought my love for dogs into a career.

My long term goals are to help as many dogs as I can to be in forever homes.

I work my skills with positive reinforcement
methods of training, problem behavior training, clicker training, capturing and shaping a bond between dog and owner.
I strongly believe all dogs can learn and be trained. I work with the deaf as well.

I also offer gift certificates for the holidays.

If we work together we can save the life of our best friends, so give me a call anytime. I offer group and private classes, so come on and let your canine shine!!


Andrea Charest, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Park City, Utah 84060
Phone: 603.305.2926
Profile: While working with Thorn Creek Kennel, at this time, I offer private in-home sessions to help you gain a better relationship and understanding with your K-9 best friend. These sessions are geared to guide you, the owner, to use the techniques needed to teach your dog trained responses for most desired manners. These sessions can include, but may not be limited to, socialization, basic commands, and prevention of behavioral problems.

Coming Up! Group classes: Puppy classes, and Basic and Intermediate classes.
Shaunna Rose, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Bountiful, Utah 84087
Profile: I am no longer training. For those looking for training in Bountiful Ut area, contact the West Bountiful Petco! They have great trainers to help with basic issues. If it is not an issue Petco Trainers can't address, feel free to email me and I will point you in the direction of someone who can. :-)
( I am not a Petco employee or affiliated with them in any manor. It is simply the only quality basic training you will find in the Bountiful area.)

Elizabeth Knight, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
St George , Utah 84770
Phone: (435)773-5687
Profile: Hi, my name is Elizabeth, owner of Pawsitive Pooches. I am an ABC Certified Dog Trainer. I offer private in home training, group classes and pet sitting. I will also help you find the perfect dog to fit your lifestyle be it a rescue dog or a new puppy.
Katrina Smith, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Provo, Utah 84601
Phone: 256-714-3955
Profile: I have several years of experience working in dog daycare/boarding facilities. This has given me the opportunity to become familiar with a wide range of breeds, sizes and personalities.

I also worked as a Puppy Supervising Trainer for a service dog company for 9 months.

I'm an ABC graduate and I continue to educate myself through reading/watching updated training methods and volunteering with a local trainer and shelter. I prefer to use positive training methods and I believe positive training is the most effective and fun form of training.

At this time, I do not take aggression cases, but I am more than willing to refer another trainer if needed. I currently teach Socialization classes and will be starting Obedience classes in March, 2015.

I also do private, in-home training sessions. If you have any questions, please email or call!

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