ABC Certified Dog Trainer Database

Tennessee Dog Trainers
Kristi May, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Stewart, Tennessee 37175
Phone: 931-232-6044
Alternate Phone: 254-768-7094
Profile: Private Lessons
Group Lessons
Behavior Modification
Stefanie Zwegers, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Hartford, Tennessee 37753
Phone: 813-335-8553
Alternate Phone: 813-335-8553
Profile: Specialize in Puppy Training, Basic Obedience, Shelter & Aggressive dogs. Certified in Canine First Aid and CPR. Available for dog walking and pet sitting.
Angela Roberts, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Knoxville, Tennessee 37917
Phone: (865)888-2433
Alternate Phone: (865) 748-7957
Profile: Hi my name is Angela Roberts. I have been working with in the dog world since I was 16 years old.

My very first job was in a doggie daycare and boarding places. Working with dogs has always been a passion of mine since I was a little girl in the 7th grade and got my first rescue dog named Ginger. A year and half ago I decide that training dogs is what I wanted to spend the rest of doing. I have worked with many different breeds of dogs, and I have also worked with rescue dogs. As of right now I have 5 rescues myself, each one came from very different backgrounds and all of them are different. I also help my parents run a doggie daycare and boarding place.

My passion is to help people train there dogs, so that they are happy and so are dogs. My other passion is also to help shelter dogs and dogs in a rescues, to help them be able to find there forever home. I truly believe that a trained dog is a happy dog! They are always trying to make us happy and the best way they can do that is knowing what is asked of them.

I offer Dog training, boarding, dog walking, and doggie daycare. I also offer services as far as finding the right dog for you and/or your family, going to the pet store to pick out all the important things you need when getting a new dog either a puppy, adult, or senior dog. I also will help with fitting your pet with a new collar, harness, or training collar while you are working with a puppy or adult dog on leash manners as well.
Tamara Herndon, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Birchwood, Tennessee 37308
Phone: (423) 322-6246
Profile: I started working with dogs at a doggy daycare when I was 18. While working with my dog to build his confidence, I found my calling, and decided to further my education to become a dog trainer to help owners build a better relationship with their dogs.
Melissa Chenault, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Middle TN, Tennessee 38401
Phone: 931-286-2238
Profile: Kind K-9 Dog Training

We offer all our services at our facility. We can train your dog obedience, manners, or tricks.

We specialize in manners (no jumping, no pulling on the leash, no biting, how to crate train, etc)

I work with lots of rescue dogs. The majority of dogs surrendered to shelters or given to rescues because they are not properly trained.

Do not give up on your dog, Save a Life & Train your Dog!!!!

**Rescue Discounts Available**

Call or email for more information! We look forward to hearing from you!
Angel Brewer, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Greenfield, Tennessee 38230
Profile: I am a dog trainer who is limited to small dogs and puppies. I will be focusing on simple obedience cues, potty training, puppy nipping and chewing. Training sessions will take place at the dog owner's home until the proper facilities are available.
Judith Waggoner, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Dandridge, Tennessee 37725
Phone: 912-409-7597
Alternate Phone: 865-696-1161
Profile: I am an experienced dog trainer specializing in rescue pets and aggression.
Lauren Williams, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Memphis, Tennessee 38104
Phone: 9012011797
Alternate Phone: 9012011797
Profile: I specialize in force-free, positive based dog training.

I am an active member of the Professional Dog Trainers of the Mid-South, and offer private lessons in the privacy and comfort of your own home. Group classes are in progress as well.

I also offer dog sitting services in the Midtown Memphis area. I have three beloved rescue dogs of my own, and would love to provide you with the comfort and knowledge you need to build an excellent relationship with your dog.
Elizabeth Hodge, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Oliver Springs, Tennessee 37840
Phone: 865-455-1302
Profile: I am a recent graduate of ABC. I started ABC to help my dog with his aggression issues. He has come so far in a short time that it has made that my passion. I love to work with dogs with serious behavior problems. The ones that need weeks or months of intensive behavior modification or management.
Becky Karn, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Bolivar, Tennessee 38008
Phone: 757-749-5534
Profile: I have been working with and training dogs for over 15 years, am a dog owner and lover, and enjoy helping people understand how to have a better relationship with their animals.
Robert Hempker, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Goodlettsville, Tennessee 37072
Phone: 417-593-6613
Alternate Phone: 6155622017
Profile: I am in training to be a pet trainer at our local Petsmart store. I hope to be actively training in another 2 weeks. I am currently training under Adrianne Rice, the trainer at the store, but I have 2 weeks of training starting next week at the Pestmart in Brentwood , TN under the district trainer. I'm finally getting an opportunity to use my ABC Certification.
Melissa Walker, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Columbia, Tennessee 38401
Phone: 931-286-2238
Profile: Mo's Dog Training

Mo's Dog Training offers basic obedience classes, group or individual, your home or ours. At Mo's we also offer pet sitting. I will come pick up your dog from your home before you leave on vacation & then return them to your home once you get back.

I am very rescue friendly and will give discounts to rescue gorups that would like some basic obedience for their dogs.

Give me a call today.
Julie E Jones-Thornton, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Chattanooga, Tennessee 37412
Phone: 423-443-1117
Alternate Phone: 423-870-7740 WK
Profile: PlayDogeXcellent

I have been a professional dog trainer for 9 years. I currently teach basic obedience, Manners Matter! and Tricks and Techniques classes at PlayDogeXcellent (PDX) in Chattanooga, TN.

Basic Obedience and Puppy Manners at The Ark in East Brainerd. I also conduct in-home private training for behavior issues, basic obedience, Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Dog International test preparation.
Jennifer Hale, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
La Vergne, Tennessee 37086
Phone: 615-631-7194
Profile: Little Haleos, LLC

My business, Little Haleos, offers kennel free boarding for small dogs in the Nashville, TN area. We also offer boarding and training for dogs of all sizes, as well as private training lessons and basic grooming services. All training is positive reinforcement behavior training, and focuses on basic manners and obedience.
Rita Hall, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Hermitage, Tennessee 37076
Phone: 615-871-0820
RJ Consulting

I offer private in-home Dog Obedience and Potty Training.
Della Zable, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Chattanooga, Tennessee 37421
Phone: 423-838-DOGS (3647)
Dogs Behaving Badly, Inc.

Specializing with dog behavioral issues, I come to your home where I can see what is going on as it happens. Also do general dog training using positive reinforcement, along with local pet sitting and poop and scoop for residential and commercial properties.
Lynda Kent, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Memphis, Tennessee 38127-2642
Phone: 901-267-4394
Alternate Phone: 901-553-0492
Profile: In-home private sessions in obedience training and problem solving for dogs and large animals. I am also a veterinary technician.
Lyn Philion, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Oldfort, Tennessee 37362
Phone: 423-596-6970
Profile: b Alpha N Omega Pets /b

Devoted pet lover helping pet owners communicate better with their pets through obedience training and behavior problem solving. I offer private in-home lessons with group lessons coming soon. I also offer pet sitting and dog walking. I also do Pet Photography.
Manuela Connatser, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Powell, Tennessee 37849
Phone: 865-771-8364
Profile: The Canine Clubhaus"Where Dog's Rule"Teaching-Training-CommunicatingThe Canine Clubhaus offers a variety of positive training and services that are geared toward improving your relationship with your dog.

All the way from a puppy to a senior dog. Workshops and individual training are available.We promote force free, positive science based training. Puppy Evolution Training (PET) Phase I starting from 8 Weeks and Phase II starting from 6 Months. ( sit, come, down, go to your mat and more. Puppy Socialization, potty training, crate training, biting, nipping, and so much more.

Basic Canine Phase I starting at 6 Months and Basic Canine Phase II starting at 8 Months building on longer stays. Sit, stay, down, leave it, go to your place, heel, and so much more.

Canine Good Citizen Class and Testing (6 months and up with a Phase I class)AKC STAR Puppy Training and Testing (8 Weeks and up)

I am also a Certified Evaluator for the American Kennel Club (AKC) Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Program. Testing is done at the Canine Clubhaus.

ABC Mentor Trainer Services: Private Classes In Home Training Pet Sitting In Home Sitting Dog Walking Reiki Sessions (Japanese Hands on Healing)Taxi Services (taking your dog to the Vet, picking up food etc,)

4 Week Behavior Dog School: (Vet Visit with check up)Puppy Play times (2-4 Months old)Adult Dog Sniff and Meet(Meetings in Parks, Restaurants (where allowed), Growl Classes,Hikes Loose Leash Walks in the park etc.)Nutrition Counseling Pre-Adoption Consultation Behavior Consultations and complete Dog Training packages.Current vaccinations are required.Come and take a Sniff at the "The Canine Clubhaus"Member: ABC, AKC, APDT, The Pet Professional Guild and BEN .
Tasha Green, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Ardmore, Tennessee 38449
Phone: 931-425-6879
Alternate Phone: 931-625-2986 Cell
Profile: "Problem Solved" K9 Obedience Training and Boarding

Offering obedience training and boarding
services.Boarding kennels and training facility located where there is someone available 24 hrs a day.
Jean Anne Dugger, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Mohawk, Tennessee 37810
Phone: 865-250-2062
Profile: I have owned Saint Bernards since 1992 and have competed in confirmation showing since 2001. After working in the corporate world for 16 years, I decided to do something different with my life; to incorporate my love of dogs into a new career. My business provides the following services:

* Professional Dog Handling Services
* Obedience Training (in-home, group
classes, private lessons, puppy classes)
* Pet Sitting Services
* Dog Walking Services
* Grooming Services
* Behavioral Modifications
* AKC Canine Good Citizen Preparation
* AKC Canine Good Citizen Testing
* Boarding

Member of APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers).

Ruth French, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Signal Mountain, Tennessee 37377
Phone: 423-605-7609
Profile: Tattletails Pet Sitters

Tattletails has existed for over fifteen years, and offers pick up & drop off service for your dogs, as well as obedience training. We have gained popularity because we are a small business with a personal touch.
Chelle Ziegler, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Mt Juliet, Tennessee 37122
Phone: 615-939-5757
Profile: Providing excellent service with the customer's needs, expectations, and schedule in mind.

I hold training classes, CGC, Therapy dog, and specific issues. I provide private sessions in your home either teaching you to train your dog or I train and transfer maintenance to you.

I will also meet at a neutral location to do private training. Contact me or check out my website!!
James Berry, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Chapel Hill, Tennessee 37034
Phone: 615 428-7295
Profile: I offer basic, intermediate, and advanced obedience training. I'm located in Chapel Hill, TN. I took an interest in dog training when I rescued a collie/husky mix from the local shelter.
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Germantown, Tennessee 38139
Phone: 901-619-2283
Profile: I believe in Positive techniques to shape the dogs behavior.

I utilize clicker training and force free training methods.

I am available for private in-home training sessions as well as group classes throughout the year.

I train dogs of all ages and all breeds.

I have been involved in rescue ever since I was 6 years old.

I work with The Memphis Area Golden Retriever Rescue in Memphis, TN as well as local shelters. My passion is animals and my goal is to make them better pets and companions.
Tessi Mohr, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
East Ridge, Tennessee 37412
Phone: 423-902-8877
Profile: I have always had a passion for animals in-particularly dogs. The behaviors and train-ability of dogs fascinates me.

My ultimate goal would be to work in Utah at Best Friends Animals Sanctuary. What that place does is amazing and I would love to be able to be a part of it.
Angela Lokensgard, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Franklin, Tennessee 37064
Phone: 615-567-6029
Profile: Training people to train dogs.
Denneva Potts, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Bon Aqua, Tennessee 37025
Phone: 615-479-2554
Profile: I have two dogs. I became a dog trainer because I love to help people make there life better by teaching them how to train there dog.I know dogs can sometimes be challenging. I love dogs and have been around them my whole life. I have experience with all types of dogs and would love to help with obedience training, private lessons or group classes.
Dan Miller, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Christiana, Tennessee 37037
Profile: I have been working with dogs and their owners for 6 years and there is nothing which satisfies me more than to see a happy dog and a happy owner!

Without professional training it can sometimes be a frustrating relationship, but with an investment in good training a wonderful transformation will occur.

My mission is to help you and your dog enjoy many happy years together.

Valerie Campbell, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Cordova, Tennessee 38016
Phone: 901-246-4378
Debbie Tiefenbacher, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Thompsons Station, Tennessee 37179
Phone: 615-614-2275
Alternate Phone: 615-481-7387
Profile: I have four dogs and own and operate a pet sitting and dog walking business called Four Footed Pals Pet Service. I took an interest in dog training because of behavioral problems I had with my own dogs. I love dogs and have experience with all types of dogs. I offer private in-home Dog Obedience and Potty Training.

Nichole Ballard, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Corryton, Tennessee 37721
Phone: 865-684-9231
Profile: I started working with rescue dogs several years ago and I realized that I could make a greater impact if I became a trainer. I do in home private lessons using positive training methods. My long term goal is to train service dogs for people with disabilities.
Jennifer Ackley, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Dandridge, Tennessee 37725
Phone: 3402444446
Alternate Phone: 8653977656
Profile: I provide private in-home dog training services and tailor each lesson to the individual needs of the owner and their dog(s). I offer basic obedience lessons and behavior modification for problem behaviors (no aggression cases). I am a K9 Nose Work instructor which is a fun scent game designed for all dogs and handlers, no prior training required. K9 Nose Work is also a competitive sport, should you wish to take your dog to the next level.

Basic Obedience
Behavior Modification
K9 Nose Work
Michelle Goetze, ABCDT
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
Knoxville, Tennessee 37923
Phone: 865-566-3039
Profile: I am an ABCDT. I love what I do. Changing the lives of dogs and their people makes all the difference. I am also the Training and Enrichment Coordinator at the Humane Society of the TN Valley. Dogs are my passion and this is a dream job! I can't imagine doing anything else!

I was lucky enough to have the best mentor trainer and she taught me so much. I still work with her at the Humane Society, so I am still learning more valuable training techniques.

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