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Certified Veterinary Assistant Training Program

Veterinary Assistant School
Become a veterinary assistant through Animal Behavior College.

If you’re considering a career change and love animals, becoming a veterinary assistant is a very practical choice. While there are thousands of veterinary assistant schools out there, it is important to select a high quality program that is within your budget and current lifestyle. After all, you may not have the luxury of quitting your current job in order to complete the program. The following is a quick overview of why people choose Animal Behavior College’s (ABC) Certified Veterinary Assistant Training Program over any other vet assistant school in the country.

Flexible and convenient schedules

ABC provides students with the freedom to study from home. The entire academic portion of the program, which consists of 10 stages, can be completed at your own pace and in the privacy of your own home. This means you can continue going to work and school as well as maintain obligations with family.

Receive your certification in 50 weeks

In less than a year, you can become an ABC Certified Vet Assistant and begin your career. Although the program can be completed within 50 weeks, the maximum time provided to complete the program is 75 weeks.

Comprehensive program

Their veterinary assistant training program teaches students everything they need to know to start working in the field immediately after graduation. Courses include office etiquette and hospital procedures, animal restraint, examination room procedures, pharmacy and pharmacology, surgical preparation and assisting, small animal nursing, laboratory procedures and radiology and ultrasound imaging. In addition, the college offers a career building course that focuses on animal job search, resume writing and job interviewing.

Veterinary Assistant ProgramReceive hands-on experience

In addition to the home study portion of the program, Animal Behavior College’s Veterinary Assistant Program also offers an externship program. Students are provided the opportunity to receive hands-on training at a local animal hospital or clinic. The externship includes 80 hours of unpaid work experience. This real-life experience allows students to practice what they have learned on paper. Students gain the skills and experience required to compete in the current job market.


Unlike other veterinary assistant schools, which can cost anywhere from $9,000 to $11,000, Animal Behavior College’s tuition for U.S. residents ranges from $2,285 to $3,040, depending on the type of payment arrangements available. This tuition covers all materials necessary for the program, including the home study portion and the hands-on training. Students can choose from a few different payment arrangement options to accommodate their financial needs.

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