Turning Your Skills Into A Pet Business


Becoming a certified dog trainer, pet groomer or veterinary assistant is a truly wonderful thing, but turning that hard-won knowledge into something viable — a business that pays real benefits for pets, owners and yourself — is a different matter. Along with your certification, business-building abilities are crucial in order to fully realize the scope of what you’ve learned for yourself and the animal community in which you live.

If you’re already an ABC grad, you know about Section 9 from your studies. It is the section of each program’s curriculum that focuses on career and business building. Written personally by our founder and president, Steven Appelbaum, it contains strategies and insights for determining your niche, finding clients (or a job) and establishing a functional career for the long-term.

If you’re not currently an ABC grad, linked below are a variety of articles from our website that touch on some of the ideas that are addressed in our coursework:

The link below takes you to a blog post that lays out just some of the benefits that come with an Animal Behavior College certification:

And here is a discount, available to all, on a great business-building book written by small business expert Kristin Morrison:

Becoming a certified dog trainer (ABCDT), pet groomer (ABCPG) or veterinary assistant (ABCVA) presents a truly unique opportunity to serve your animal community while earning a fun, rewarding living at the same time. For more information, visit our website (click the “ABC Program” link above) or call us at (888) 200-6795.



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