Train Your Dog to Shake Paws Like Sammy


How to Train Your Dog to Shake Paws

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Dogs shaking paws may be one of the cutest sights, but no one does it better than Sammy, the Shih Tzu. In the video below, you’ll find Sammy excitedly wagging his tail and shaking paws with his dog owner. Learn how to teach your dog to shake paws with these dog training tips.

Get your dog to paw at you

Scratch her chest or touch her toenails to have your dog lift her paw at you. As soon as she lifts her paw, click and treat. Repeat this process for at least 15 times so your dog starts associating her paw lift with a click and treat.

Add your cue

Once your dog begins offering her paw without any problems, introduce the dog training cue. In this case, your cue is your outstretched hand. When she lifts her paw, show your hand, click and treat. Repeat this until your dog becomes used to this behavior. When she’s ready, you can then add a verbal cue. You can use “give your paw” or “shake” as your cue to your dog to shake paws.


The best way to have your dog repeat this behavior is by practicing. Repeat this process in different environments to ensure your dog has learned the behavior. One last tip: take small breaks between each training session. You don’t want to overwhelm your dog.

For more tips on teaching your dog to shake paws, consult with an Animal Behavior College Certified Dog Trainer (ABCDT). He can help you train your dog to shake paws as well as provide other dog tricks.

VIDEO: Cute Dog Named Sammy

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