Ten Big Chunks o’ Pet Travel Advice!


People are traveling far and wide this time of year with trips ranging from supply runs to the market (more cranberry sauce!) to cross-country plane, train and/or automobile adventures. Like to bring your Furry Friend along? You can with just a little planning… and everyone will be better off for it!

Our best pet travel columns are listed below. Peruse them at your leisure. Click what matters most for your circumstances. If Thanksgiving travel proves to be a learning experience for you and your pet, come back to these tips to make your December holiday travels safer, more comfortable and likely more enjoyable for everyone involved. Then there’s always the possibility of a few “practice” trips in advance to get it right (to the market — more cranberry sauce!). Have we missed something? Please let us know in the comments section below!

And something that should ALWAYS go with pet travel advice…

Happy highways, happy airways and happy Thanksgiving from Animal Behavior College!

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