Talk with a Dog Trainer: Fanna Easter


Talk with a Dog Trainer Session #1

Fanna Easter

Professional dog trainer Fanna Easter of Dog Training Nation joined us for a very special “Talk with a Trainer” Live Hangout event.

Dog Trainer Fanna Easter

Fanna Easter has been instructing dog training classes for 22 years with a special focus on family dog manners. With her past experience as PETCO’s National Dog Training Expert for five years, Fanna is very passionate about the power of positive reinforcement for dogs and humans! Fanna and her team developed and launched positive reinforcement training methods in all of PETCO’s 1,500 stores and trained over 2,000 dog trainers.
Fanna is currently teaching at Dogs and Kat Training Center in Nashville, TN. She teaches Positive Puppy Manners, Basic Manners, Canine Good Citizen, Intro to Rally Obedience, Nosework and Relaxed Rovers classes.
Dog Training Expert - Fanna Easter
Join Us Live at 11:00am PST – Dog Training Pro, Fanna Easter
Live Google Hangout on Google Plus – 5/23/2014

This event takes place at 11:00am (PST) on Google Hangouts.

If you need assistance setting up a Gmail account to join Google Plus, watch the video we have provided below:

Once you have signed into Gmail, you can find the Live Hangout by following the instructions found in the video below:


  1. Kathy Bodeau says

    I met with a family that has a dog who loves going for a walk. After a few minutes she lays on the gound & belly`s up. Looks fearful of us, but is willing to move if their car is bought around. Then won`t get out of the car. How do I help them. I have never seen this done before.

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