Veterinary Assistant Job Highlights

Veterinary assistants can find it a very rewarding career

Benefits of Becoming a Veterinary Assistant Veterinary assistants can work in veterinary clinics, animal hospitals and even grooming facilities. Apart from the variety of work environments available to vet assistants, there are several other benefits. As one of the best veterinary assistant programs in the country, Animal Behavior College explains how to become a … [Read more...]

What to Know About Cost of Dog Ownership

Cost of owning a dog

How Much Does it Cost to Own a Dog? It is easy to fall in love with free puppies in a box. Yet, there are often hidden costs once you get the pick of the litter home. shares some costs that are obvious as well as the less obvious ones. Whether your puppy is initially free or you’ve paid a purchase price from a breeder, certain expenses hold true for owning a dog. Anyone in … [Read more...]

How to Get a Job at an Animal Hospital

Animal Hospital Jobs

Animal Hospital Jobs Whether you're considering a career as a certified veterinary assistant or are already enrolled in a program, it is important to explore the various job opportunities in your field and discover what it takes to land a job as a vet assistant. While there are many venues to choose from, here is a brief overview of the requirements and opportunities at an … [Read more...]

Veterinary Assistant Program

Animal Behavior College Certified Veterinary Assistant

Certified Veterinary Assistant Training Program If you’re considering a career change and love animals, becoming a veterinary assistant is a very practical choice. While there are thousands of veterinary assistant schools out there, it is important to select a high quality program that is within your budget and current lifestyle. After all, you may not have the luxury of … [Read more...]

Veterinary Assistant Jobs Expected to Rise

Growth the animal industry is creating a demand for Veterinary Assistants

Career Opportunities for Vet Assistants Continue to Grow Thinking about becoming a veterinary assistant? With the current economic situation, it may seem impossible to find a career path in a growing industry. However, if you love pets and would consider an animal care job, then now is the right time for you to consider becoming a vet assistant. Recent statistics from the … [Read more...]