Help Your Local Shelter

Shelter Dogs Awaiting Their Forever Home

Rescue, Adopt and Support There are myriad ways to help the homeless dogs and cats in your community. If you are a pet lover, your heart aches for homeless dogs and cats. You wish you could take them all in and give them the love they deserve. While it’s impossible to save them all personally, you can do a lot to help dogs- and cats-in-need find good homes by lending a … [Read more...]

Adopt a Shelter Dog – Training Shelter Dogs – Students Saving Lives

Students Saving Lives was started by Debbie Kendrick, Vice President of Animal Behavior College, in 2004. Our mission is to train dogs in shelters in hopes of helping them become more adoptable and less likely to be returned to a shelter in their life. Obedience training for dogs is a key component to a happy and fruitful life. At ABC we ask each student in the dog training … [Read more...]

Steve Appelbaum Talks Shelter Dogs

Shelter Dog

Steve Appelbaum on Shelter Dogs Interview With Nan Talleno on "Teacher's Pet" Recently, Animal Behavior College President and CEO Steve Appelbaum appeared on "Teacher's Pet," a podcast hosted by ABC graduate Nan Talleno, ABCDT. Steve spoke about the care, needs and challenges associated with shelter dogs. His key insight may answer some of your questions and expand your … [Read more...]