How to Choose a Healthy Puppy


Choosing a Puppy from the Litter Are you wondering how to pick a healthy dog? Animal Behavior College shares the basics for choosing the best dog of the pack whether it’s a purebred, rescue dog or dog from the litter down the street. Of course, that’s not to suggest you wouldn’t want to adopt a special needs dogs. Some individuals welcome the opportunity to provide a loving … [Read more...]

Where to Buy a Dog


Buying Dogs Buying a dog is an exciting experience. Once you've made your decision to buy or adopt a dog, it's time to consider where you should get your dog. There are a number of places you can buy your next dog, which can leave you overwhelmed. Animal Behavior College can help you narrow your dog-buying search by listing the advantages and disadvantages of several … [Read more...]

Benefits of Owning a Dog

Benefits of Dog Ownership

Dog Ownership There are multiple reasons people want to own a dog. Animal Behavior College, an expert in teaching others how to become a dog trainer, prides itself in providing general information on pet care and ownership. They know some folks want a dog for security reasons. For others, it may have been a life-long dream that they are now ready to act on. Sometimes, it’s … [Read more...]