Food, Not Fingers

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How to train your dog to take treats gently. From wolf hybrids to bully breeds, I’ve always had big dogs. Since I only use reward-based training, it’s very important that the first thing they learn to do is take treats gently from me. Dogs who are highly treat-motivated can be difficult to reward without losing a finger. Large dogs, and puppies especially, often don’t … [Read more...]

Terrific Products for Dogs & Cats

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Weruva’s Cats in the Kitchen line of canned cat food was inspired by cat owners’ tendency to feed their cats in the kitchen. The carnivore-pleasing, grain-free formulas features all-natural, high-quality ingredients, such as boneless, skinless white chicken breast meat, tuna, mackerel and salmon loins, lean cuts of beef, lamb and turkey, as well as fish oil and the occasional … [Read more...]

Playtime Dog & Cat Products


Ever wondered what your cat gets up to on the other side of the catflap? Or how much activity your dog really engages in every day? The G-Paws Track GPS tracker is a great way to better understand your pets and their habits. The tracker lets you accurately record where your pet goes; see your pet’s routes on aerial photography or street level mapping; upload, view and share the … [Read more...]

Great Stuff for Dogs and Cats


New Fun & Functional Dog & Cat Products Dogs Love Kale dog treats are made from all-natural ingredients, such as whole oats, flaxseed, rice flour, pumpkins, peanut butter and apples.  Available in three flavors, Peanutty, Punkin and Apple Crisp, the dog treats are 100 percent sourced and certified made in the USA in a facility that does not make any other pet … [Read more...]

Must-Have Pet Products

Pet Products

Toys, Treats and Accessories for Dogs and Cats   Fire Hose Friends from Hyper Pet are extra-durable dog chew toys made of fire hose material that features double layer construction and double stitching. The dog toys have squeakers inside and come in three animal shapes: raccoon, frog and fox.       Coastal Pet … [Read more...]