Steve Appelbaum Talks Shelter Dogs

Shelter Dog

Steve Appelbaum on Shelter Dogs Interview With Nan Talleno on "Teacher's Pet" Recently, Animal Behavior College President and CEO Steve Appelbaum appeared on "Teacher's Pet," a podcast hosted by ABC graduate Nan Talleno, ABCDT. Steve spoke about the care, needs and challenges associated with shelter dogs. His key insight may answer some of your questions and expand your … [Read more...]

Exercise is the Best Medicine For Dogs & People


Exercise Your Dog It's no secret how important exercise is not only for people, but for dogs as well. Professional dog trainers recommend exercising your dog for at least 30 minutes everyday. Despite factors, such as age or breed, physical activity is essential to your dog's health. The best part about exercising your dog is you can fit in your workouts as well, which … [Read more...]

Squeaky Dog Toys

Squeak Toy Dog Training Tip

Squeaky Toys Dog toys can be great tools not only for play, but for dog training as well. One of the most beloved toys dogs love is the squeaky toy. Squeaky toys are great for fetch, tug-of-war and stretching games. … [Read more...]

Tips on Adopting a Dog

Tips To Buying a Dog

Dog Adoption Tips Having a dog can be an exciting addition to your life and home. Yet, how to choose a dog can be a challenge. Even people who become a dog trainer or have an interest in animal careers understand the type of dog, a breed’s unique characteristics and the location to buy a dog can be a daunting task. Animal Behavior College provides valuable tools that can … [Read more...]