How to Be a Responsible Dog Owner

Dog Owner

How to Be a Responsible Dog Owner By Lisa King Dog Ownership 101 Being a responsible dog owner starts before you even get a dog. Before visiting a shelter or calling a rescue, be certain that you have the time, energy and finances to properly care for a new pet. Here are a few rules to follow before the fact: 1. Don’t get a dog for your children unless you are … [Read more...]

How to Crate Train a Dog


Dog Crate Training Dog crates have many uses beyond travel. They can be used as a dog training tool as well as a secure environment. Professional dog trainers understand the value of crate training when it comes to managing a dog's behavior. Learn how to crate train your dog with these tips. … [Read more...]

Stop a Dog From Barking

How to Stop Dog Barking

How to Get a Dog to Stop Barking Wondering how to stop your dog from barking? Dog training school Animal Behavior College understands the challenges faced when teaching a dog to stop barking. Many dog owners experience their dogs barking at inappropriate times. ABC’s certified dog trainers offer tips on how to get a dog to stop barking. … [Read more...]

How to Teach a Dog to Shake Paws


Shake a Paw Dog trainer schools, like Animal Behavior College, that promote the well-being of your pooch love to pass on fun dog training tips as well as essential ones. Teaching your dog how to shake hands or the "give me your paw’" trick is a great way to keep the fun going. A great way to teach this fun trick is to capture the behavior, reward it and then name it. … [Read more...]