Animal Behavior College Dog Training School

Animal Behavior College Employees Open Their Hearts Animal Behavior College - Dog Training School At Animal Behavior College our company is built on the belief that together employees and the students of ABC can help save animal lives. Animal Behavior College began offering Dog Training Certifications in 1998. Our Founder, Steven Appelbaum believed that training … [Read more...]

Kong Dog Toys for Chewing Problems


Redirect Your Dog with a Kong Toy All dogs chew. They're naturally born with the need to chew and require stimulation. Their boredom can lead to unwanted chewing and bad behavior. While you can't completely stop your dog from chewing, you can train your dog to chew on appropriate items. You can do this by introducing your dog to the Kong toy. … [Read more...]

How to Crate Train a Dog


Dog Crate Training Dog crates have many uses beyond travel. They can be used as a dog training tool as well as a secure environment. Professional dog trainers understand the value of crate training when it comes to managing a dog's behavior. Learn how to crate train your dog with these tips. … [Read more...]

Dog Training Treats That Help

Dog Training With Treats

Dog Treats Nothing is more rewarding for a dog than to receive a dog treat he enjoys. With this in mind, it's important you choose the right dog training treats. The more desirable the treat is, the likelier your dog obeys your commands. Like other rewards, treats can be incorporated into a valuable training regimen, but they can also be abused. It is important to know … [Read more...]

How to Train Your Dog to Sit

Dog Training Tip - How To Train Your Dog To Sit

Teach Your Dog to Sit What's the best way to teach your dog to sit? Animal Behavior College, a leading dog training school, sets the bar for teaching positive principles of training. One of the best dog trainer tips is teaching your dog to sit on cue in the early stages of training.  Teaching and positively reinforcing the sit cue early in training will often result in … [Read more...]