October is National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

October is National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month Shelter dogs and cats deserve a forever home. By adopting or fostering a shelter pet, you are saving an animal's life. Even if you can’t adopt a new pet, there are several great ways you can help save a dog or cat who is currently living in a shelter. Use Social Media to Raise Awareness Share with your friends and followers … [Read more...]

Animal Behavior College Dog Training School

Animal Behavior College Employees Open Their Hearts Animal Behavior College - Dog Training School At Animal Behavior College our company is built on the belief that together employees and the students of ABC can help save animal lives. Animal Behavior College began offering Dog Training Certifications in 1998. Our Founder, Steven Appelbaum believed that training … [Read more...]

Positive Reinforcement Dog Training

Dog Training Positive Reinforcement Training

Dog Training Philosophy When it comes to training dogs, there are many different philosophies and dog training techniques used by different dog trainers. Some reality television celebrities have quickly become famous with their methods and stirred controversy among certified dog trainers. If you are looking into a new dog training career, you will want to know the differences … [Read more...]