October is National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

October is National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month Shelter dogs and cats deserve a forever home. By adopting or fostering a shelter pet, you are saving an animal's life. Even if you can’t adopt a new pet, there are several great ways you can help save a dog or cat who is currently living in a shelter. Use Social Media to Raise Awareness Share with your friends and followers … [Read more...]

Animal Behavior College Graduation 2013 – Dog Training Certification

Animal Beehavior College Dog Training Program Graduate

ABC Dog Trainer Classroom Program Monday June 17th, was one of the best days ever for the five students of our On-site ABC Dog Trainer Classroom Program. Why? All five students graduated the program with honors. To be an honors graduate each student is required to obtain above 90% on all the exams taken during the Classroom Program. ABC is committed to helping its military … [Read more...]

ABC Dog Training Students Lend A Helping Hand

Dog Training students volunteer at Best Friends Animal Society in Mission Hills, CA.

Animal Behavior College Students lend a helping hand by donating their time and skills to help train the dogs at a local Los Angeles Animal Shelter. Best Friends Animal Society is located just north of Los Angeles in Mission Hills, CA. The Best Friends Animal Society has over 250 dogs on site and enjoys having a close relationship with Dog Training facilities who can lend a … [Read more...]

Dog Training Treats That Help

Dog Training With Treats

Dog Treats Nothing is more rewarding for a dog than to receive a dog treat he enjoys. With this in mind, it's important you choose the right dog training treats. The more desirable the treat is, the likelier your dog obeys your commands. Like other rewards, treats can be incorporated into a valuable training regimen, but they can also be abused. It is important to know … [Read more...]

Benefits of Owning a Dog

Benefits of Dog Ownership

Dog Ownership There are multiple reasons people want to own a dog. Animal Behavior College, an expert in teaching others how to become a dog trainer, prides itself in providing general information on pet care and ownership. They know some folks want a dog for security reasons. For others, it may have been a life-long dream that they are now ready to act on. Sometimes, it’s … [Read more...]