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Steven Appelbaum Guest Post – Car Safety for Dogs


Car Safety for Dogs

Jack Russell Terrier Dog Enjoying a Car Ride. Can you take advantage of the safety harness for your dog, when traveling with him/her in your car or truck?

The President of Animal Behavior College, Steven Appelbaum, wrote a guest post on which talks about safety harness crash test results for dogs.

The non-profit Center for Pet Safety tested several brands of pet harnesses using the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS 213). The crash test was conducted at an independent laboratory that also tests for the Department of Transportation, using life sized dog test dummies.

Steve believes that all pet products designed to keep a pet secured in an automobile will be held to the same or similar standards as human seat belts.

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Dog Training Success Story Winner (1 of 2)


ABC’s Success Story Contest Co-Winner

Congratulations Shaunee!

At Animal Behavior College, we hear a lot of success stories from our enrolled students and graduates. The wonderful testimonies are always a treat for us to hear and are great reminders to all of us here at ABC that the lives of people and animals are bettered because of our programs.

Our most recent contest asked ABC students (past and present) to submit video testimonies of their success stories. We had two winners who won the contest. Continue reading

Driving with Your Dog


Dog Car Safety

Driving with DogsWhen it comes to driving with dogs, many pet owners focus on the actual transportation aspect. Getting a dog to go inside a vehicle is difficult and making sure he’s comfortable is even harder. However, one of your first priorities is to ensure a safe environment for your pet.
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Foods Poisonous to Dogs


Toxic Foods for Dogs

Toxic Foods for DogsAlmost everyone knows chocolate is bad for dogs, but there’s a range of foods that are poisonous to dogs. Below, we take a look at the long list of toxic foods for dogs. Continue reading

Rope Toys for Dogs


Dog Toys

Dog Toys

Rope toys are twisted, or woven, cotton ropes that come in various designs. Some have multiple knots while others have bones, hard plastic handles or rubber balls attached to them. They have many esteem-building benefits for dogs. With rewards come risks as well. Learn how you can play with your dog that maximizes fun through interactive play without creating any behavioral issues down the road.

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How to Choose a Healthy Puppy


Choosing a Puppy from the LitterChoosing the Right Dog

Are you wondering how to pick a healthy dog?

Animal Behavior College shares the basics for choosing the best dog of the pack whether it’s a purebred, rescue dog or dog from the litter down the street. Of course, that’s not to suggest you wouldn’t want to adopt a special needs dogs. Some individuals welcome the opportunity to provide a loving home for less-than-perfect puppies.  Yet, pet owners should still understand what they are getting into to reduce problems down the road.

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Where to Buy a Dog


Buying Dogs

Buy a Dog

Buying a dog is an exciting experience. Once you’ve made your decision to buy or adopt a dog, it’s time to consider where you should get your dog. There are a number of places you can buy your next dog, which can leave you overwhelmed. Animal Behavior College can help you narrow your dog-buying search by listing the advantages and disadvantages of several common places to buy dogs. As a school for dog trainers, veterinary assistants and dog groomers, ABC can help you select a dog from the right place.

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