Cats in the Movies

The sinister Ernest Blofeld pets his beloved Turkish Angora, Snowball.

If you’re tired of watching TV shows like “Scandal” and “Secrets and Lies,” and perhaps are up to date on all your favorite Netflix shows (I have just finished season three of “House of Cards”), how about looking up some movie favorites with cat stars—both animated and real. I never get tired of the Pink Panther. This pink cartoon cat with the manners of an English … [Read more...]

Cats in Film – Superstar Cats People Love to Watch on the Big Screen


Cats in Film It seems that if you have an idea for a national holiday or special day, all you have to do is lodge your suggestion with someone (I am not sure with whom, to be exact) and bingo, you have a day on the calendar to celebrate. Case in point: June 19 is National Pets in Film Day. If you just take cats, there is a plethora of well-known feline actors as well … [Read more...]