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Black Cats Need Love Too


Black is the New Cat

It’s time to celebrate
Black Cat Appreciation Day.

By Sandy Robins

Black cats should be judged by their personality and innate characteristics.

Black cats need to be judged by their personality and innate characteristics and not superstitions tied to their color.

I know, I know. Another pet related day to celebrate on the calendar. Yet, Black Cat Appreciation Day on November 16 is truly something to celebrate.

Sadly, black cats (and dogs) are far less likely to be adopted from shelters than cats of any other fur colors or combinations. That means the euthanization rate is much higher. Even if everyone knows that black cats aren’t witches’ familiars or minions of hell, there remains an underlying belief that they are unlucky. As a result, black cats tend to be overlooked no matter how beautiful they are or engaging their personalities.

As far as superstitions go, it depends on which side of the Atlantic you live. Black cats are supposed to be unlucky in the U.S; however, across the ocean, the English consider them a sign of good luck. Since anyone who understands even the rudiments of science knows a negative and a positive cancel each other out, we should just let black cats be…well…cats. The superstitious can stick to not walking under ladders or wearing their lucky shirt.

Unfortunately, many people perpetuate the myths about black cats without realizing it. After all, every October we adorn out homes with Halloween paraphernalia and witches and black cats are an integral part of the decorations. Frankly, when it comes to decorating, I think its time to stick to pumpkins. If you really want to bring cats into the picture, consider putting them in a costume. (Shark cat on a Roomba anyone?) You could also turn your pumpkins into Grumpkins, courtesy of the Grumpy Cat carving stencil that came out this year.

living with black cat is like living with a miniature black panther, especially ones with gorgeous gold eyes.

Living with a black cat is like living with a miniature black panther, especially one with gorgeous gold eyes.

Thankfully, animal shelters and rescues refuse to adopt out black cats (and dogs) in October to protect them from falling into the wrong hands. Black Cat Appreciation Day is held the following month to give pet lovers the opportunity to adopt a new friend who is black and beautiful.

There’s no question that living with a black cat is like living with a miniature black panther in your home, especially when he or she is blessed with gorgeous gold eyes.

It is time to stop judging pets by their color and look at them for their personality and innate characteristics.

It is also time to adopt a more European outlook. If a black cat crosses your path, it’is a sign of good luck. You can make that happen every day by bringing a black kitty into your home.

Please Tweet and post positive Facebook messages about black cats on November 16 and dispel the myths associated with these gorgeous creatures. It is no longer the Middle Ages people; time to move on.

About the Author: Sandy Robins is the 2013 winner of the “Excellence in Journalism and Outstanding Contribution to the Pet Industry Award.” Her work appears on many of the country’s leading pet platforms, such as, and She is a regular contributor and columnist in multiple national and international publications, including Cat Fancy, as well as the author of the award-winning books “Fabulous Felines: Health and Beauty Secrets for the Pampered Cat” and “For The Love of Cats.” Learn more about Sandy on her website or Facebook page. #welovecats


Adopt A DOG! Save a Life – One Family’s Fantastic Story


The Story of Daley the Beautiful German Shepherd
Adopt A Dog

Rebel Ernst and her husband wanted to rescue a dog.  They saw a picture of Daley, a 3 1/2 year old German Shepherd, on and immediately fell in love. Daley soon had her forever home.  I was so touched by the truth of Rebel’s blog post.  Not only is it a great story, it’s one that Rebel took the time to post it to our Facebook wall. It made me smile to know that the Ernsts are just like everyone here at Animal Behavior College (ABC)–they love and care for animals.

Read Daley’s Story by Rebel L. Ernst:

Here at ABC, we’ve decided to share our love of animals in a more visual way. Our marketing team (myself included) and employees from every department have pitched in to create videos that showcase our dedication to pets of all kinds. The videos were also created to share Animal Behavior College’s core values with people throughout the U.S. & Canada. People just like us.

We love dogs and we love cats, too. We are animal lovers to the bone.

Over the last few months, I have been steadily working on our Open Your Heart video series.  Everyone here at ABC wants to share these great messages and help raise awareness and get more pets rescued and  adopted each and every day.

Did you know an untrained dog is more likely to be returned to a shelter after being adopted? This is a big reason why Animal Behavior College was founded by Steven Appelbaum 15 years ago.  Steven immediately brought aboard Debbie Kendrick, a stellar local dog trainer who had worked with Steve at his previous company. Together, they set out on a mission to change the dog-training world. While they knew the two of them could not train every dog in every city, they could teach animal lovers to become dog trainers. Those newly minted dog trainers could then train more dogs throughout North America.

By also educating animal lovers on how to work with their pets, ABC-certified dog trainer help ensure fewer dogs and cats are returned to rescues/shelters. They save animals’ lives.

Speaking of which, did you know that in the process of becoming dog trainers, our students have volunteered more than 93,000 hours in rescues and shelters across North America? We’re not bragging, were are simply telling you, our faithful fans, so you can help us spread the words: Adopt. Spay. Neuter. Train. Love.

Rebel Ernst shared Daley’s Story with us and now we’ve shared it with you. Hopefully, you will tell or share this post on Facebook or by email with other animal lovers.

We would also love to hear your stories. Leave your comments below, Like Us on Facebook and/or send us your adoption and rescue stories to

Want to do more? Enroll in Animal Behavior College today. We offer three certification programs, Dog Training, Veterinary Assistance and Dog Grooming, for people across North America who are just like us.

The Story of Daley the Beautiful German Shepherd    Adopt A Dog

Adopt A DOG! Save a Life – One Family’s Fantastic Story