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Squeak Toys For Dogs – Fun Training Tool Tip

Squeaky Dog Toys – Training Pros and Cons

Squeak Toy Dog Training TipAnimal Behavior College, a leading Dog Training School, promotes healthy play toys that invigorate interaction between dogs and their owners.  Most all dogs enjoy squeaky toys and they can be great tools for fetching, tug-of-war, and stretching games.

*Important Safety Note About Using Toys For Training*

For safety reasons, your dog should NEVER be left unattended with a toy that can be torn apart or is showing signs of wear. Squeaky toys typically have a hard plastic “squeaker” in them and could be dangerous if your dog ingests it or any other part of the toy. If you choose to use a dog toy for training (squeaky or silent), the reward toy should be taken away and placed out of reach when training sessions are over.

Choosing The Right Squeaky Toy

Dogs usually respond well to vibrant colors and high pitched ‘squeak’ sounds.  These qualities usually grab a dog’s attention and keep it, sometimes for self-play, sometimes with their pet owner.  In addition, squeak toys can also be used as effective training tools because they have a ‘high desire’ factor that your dog loves.

Squeak Toy Pros and Cons

Trainers from Animal Behavior College point out the pros and the cons of squeak toy usage, their effectiveness, and what to look out for.


  • Most squeak toys take very little space and are easy to carry
  • Squeak toys can be effective rewards when training or practicing tricks
  • Noise from the toy can assist in getting/keeping your dogs attention in distracting settings


  • Squeak toys are inappropriate as chew toys.  As mentioned earlier, some can be dangerous when torn, exposing the squeak mechanism that could be swallowed and lodged in a dog’s intestinal track
  • Some squeak toys made of cloth can be easily torn apart with aggressive chewing
  • Every dog is different. Some dogs will find the squeak unappealing or annoying and will not want anything to do with it.
  • Some dog owners do not like the sound of the “squeak” from the toys

Dog training schools that offer a wide variety of training tools and exercise ideas are a great advantage to dog trainers and pet owners alike.  Animal Behavior College promotes tips for both in its ongoing commitment to happy, healthy dogs.

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