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Dog Toys

Dog Toys

Rope toys are twisted, or woven, cotton ropes that come in various designs. Some have multiple knots while others have bones, hard plastic handles or rubber balls attached to them. They have many esteem-building benefits for dogs. With rewards come risks as well. Learn how you can play with your dog that maximizes fun through interactive play without creating any behavioral issues down the road.

You’ll want to select rope toys that have significant length and are bigger than your dog’s mouth. Besides knowing the best kind of rope toy to purchase, it’s recommended you seek advice from a certified dog trainer so he can teach you how to properly use the rope toy for play. When your dog constantly wins tug of war, he quickly assumes the alpha dog role, which can lead to behavioral problems later on. To prevent this from happening, it’s important you seek professional help.

For puppies with more reserved personalities, occasionally allowing a win during tug of war can help build self-esteem and courage, which is a quality that is advantageous as long as it’s not overdone. Your dog trainer can help you sort out methods most effective for playing with your dog’s personality.

Below are the pros and cons of using dog rope toys.


  1. They should be soft and flexible since rope toys are very appealing to most dogs because of this quality.
  2. During dog training, a rope toy can be used as a reward or chew toy.
  3. When soaked in cool water, rope toys can be soothing for teething pups. Ask your dog trainer about different kinds that facilitate this purpose. Make sure you are always present when your puppy is chewing on a rope toy.
  4. Rope toys can be easily carried with you on outings with your dog.


  1. Rope toys should not be given to aggressive chewers. Larger dogs can shred the rope and swallow fibers, creating digestive problems later on.
  2. Some dogs may transfer the idea of chewing on a rope toy to clothes, shoes, personal items or even furniture. If this occurs, you may need to consult your dog trainer to help your dog unlearn the behavior.

Lastly, don’t leave your dog unattended with a rope toy. Unexpected problems could occur with a broken plastic piece or bone fragment from the toy.

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