Pet Grooming Tips for the Summer

Summer Pet Grooming - Dog or Cat Grooming Careers
Grooming your pets in the summer. Advice from an Animal Behavior College Dog Grooming certificate program graduate. Why you may not want to groom your dog when it gets hot. Pet Grooming Training Tips shared by Student Graduate of Dog Grooming School.

Pet Grooming Tips in Summertime

Although your pet may have a warm thick coat, long-haired cats and dogs are actually kept COOL from this. The coat acts as insulation and it regulates the dog or cat’s body temperature, so when it’s hot, it keeps the cool in, and vise-versa.

The best way to keep your pet cool is to keep your pet’s coat mat-free, well-brushed, and clean.

If you are considering grooming your cat or dog this summer, try to leave at least two inches of fur to protect your pet from the elements. Be aware that once shaved, a double-coated pet’s coat will never grow back the same.

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Pet Grooming Tips for the Summer – by Animal Behavior College Graduate


  1. Christina says

    This article was quoted slightly off. You DO want to groom your pet (which is the main statement of my post) but you DON’T want to shave your pet down for the summer, which is what many owners consider doing when it can actually damage your pet. In this article where it questions whether to GROOM a pet, its supposed to ask whether one should SHAVE your pet. The author (which is myself) is also a Dog Trainer, not a Dog Groomer.

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