Pet Advice For Spring Break Road Trips


Tongue lolling… ears blowing back… tail wagging wildly… a spring break road trip wouldn’t be the same without your pooch. With prime road travel season looming, now is the perfect time to start working with your dog to help them become the intrepid travelers they want to be!

Depending on your dog’s temperament, there could be considerable work ahead. But with plenty of time to spare (for now!), here is a collection of our best pet road travel tips from our well-traveled and highway-hardened experts. Anticipation is half the battle, so read on to find out what you’ve got that’s in your favor as well as where your Furry Friend may need some help. Now is the time to make adjustments… and remember: your dog wants to  have a fun, healthy and anxiety-free time just as much as you do!

What’s your destination this spring? And what kind of adventures will you and your dog be having? Share your hopes and expectations in the “comments” section below… maybe you’ll inspire someone to bring their pooch along that hasn’t previously traveled con perro!

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