March Grooming Instruction Program Canadian Student Of The Month – 2013


ABC Grooming Instruction Program Canadian Student of the Month– March 2013

Krystal Tyers

ABC Grooming Student of the Month - Canada - Krystal Tyers

Krystal Tyers lives in Cranbrook, British Columbia, Canada and is currently a part-time groomer for a small shop there. She has been working as a groomer for five months and plans on staying at her current shop to learn as much as she can from her boss.

  • Was grooming your first choice for a career?

My first choice was training dogs but I wanted to expand my knowledge of animals so I went into grooming.

  • What animal or person most inspired you to pursue a career in the animal industry?

I grew up in a very small town and ended up spending more time with my pets than I did people. I knew at a young age that I wanted to know everything I could about animals and how to make their lives better

  • When and how did you know that you’d be a success in the pet industry?

I have always loved animals. When I was in high school, I took the animal welfare certificate program from Thompson Rivers University and loved learning about animals. I knew then that I needed to have a career in the pet industry.

  • What knowledge and experiences have you gained from becoming an ABC certified pet groomer?

I have learned so much from this program; I don’t even know where to start. Not only did I learn the skills needed to be a groomer, I also meet some really awesome people through my externship.

  • What one thing you have learned not to say to a pet owner?

There are so many things not to say to pet owners. The grooming salon I work at has some very interesting characters that come in. But the words “grossly matted” are never good to use.

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