Kong Dog Toys for Chewing Problems


Redirect Your Dog with a Kong Toy

Kong Dog Toys

All dogs chew. They’re naturally born with the need to chew and require stimulation. Their boredom can lead to unwanted chewing and bad behavior. While you can’t completely stop your dog from chewing, you can train your dog to chew on appropriate items. You can do this by introducing your dog to the Kong toy.

Kong Dog Toys

Kong toys keep your dog entertained for hours, which is why many professional dog trainers recommend them. They’re a dog owner’s favorite because the dog toys prevent their pets from chewing on household items and furniture. In addition, these toys are versatile.

Kong toys have many uses, including:

  • Throw toys
  • Bounce toys
  • Chew toys
  • Treat containers

Each Kong features a hollow inner chamber for stuffing yummy treats like peanut butter, cheese and crunchy treats. By putting food inside the toy, you can make meal times for your dog more stimulating.

Best Kongs for Different Dogs

Kongs vary in size and style, depending on your dog. For average chewers, the red Kong toys work wonders. For aggressive or persistent chewers, you want to buy the black Kong. These are made of firmer rubber and come in larger sizes–suitable for larger breeds.

Supervision Recommended

Kong ToysWhen first introducing your dog to a Kong dog toy, it’s highly recommended you supervise your dog’s chewing time. Frequent inspections for damage is always recommended. If you notice any damages on your dog’s Kong toy, remove it immediately.

Ask Your Dog Trainer

If you have any questions concerning different Kong toys, Kong stuffing recipes or your dog’s chewing, consult with your professional dog trainer. Animal Behavior College Certified Dog Trainers (ABCDT) are educated in this topic and help redirect your dog’s chewing pattern.

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