July – Grooming Instruction Program Student Of The Month – 2014


ABC Grooming Instruction Program Student of the Month
July 2014

Emily Fritz

Grooming Instruction Program Student of the Month - Emily Fritz - July 2015

Emily Fritz was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. She is currently employed at the local animal hospital, where she started as senior in high school. Emily came across dog grooming in an unexpected way. On what seemed like a typical day at work, her supervisor surprisingly requested that Emily shave down her Saint Bernard who was shedding everywhere. Emily had no prior experience grooming animals but took on the challenge and excelled at it. Her supervisor was so impressed by the finished result that she offered to pay for Emily’s schooling so she could become a “professional” groomer. Due to the flexibility and structure of ABC’s Grooming Instruction Program, Emily was able to complete the home-study portion while pregnant with her son. After he was born, she began her externship and enjoyed every bit of it.

What one thing stands out for you in terms of knowledge and/or skills acquired from the program?

Once I began my hands-on training at my externship, suddenly, things I remembered reading in my book made sense. I knew exactly what I was learning hands-on because I had already read about it in my textbooks.

What was/is the biggest challenge you faced during your externship and how did you overcome it?

I’m a fast learner and normally catch on quickly after being shown once or twice how to do something. However, expressing anal glands has been my biggest challenge so far. I’m able to do it but it takes me a few tries to get it.

What has been your most rewarding moment during your externship?

One day, when I was doing my hours at my externship, the owner of the shop came up to me and told me how awesome a worker I was, and how she would love for me to work for her. She offered me a position after I finished school.

What are your future career plans?

I plan to work at the animal hospital where I am currently employed and gain more experience as well as build my clientele and pay off my debts. Then, I plan to work for myself and either establish a mobile grooming business or work from home and be a stay-at-home mom.

If you could work style a dog or cat after any celebrity, who would it be and why?

I’d have to pick Cruella de Vil, because I think doing a dye job on a dog or cat would be so cool.

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